Lumpy skin disease breakout in Bogura

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Update : Thursday, August 3, 2023

Lumpy skin disease has appeared in the bodies of more than 663 big and small cows in the last one month in Bogura district.

The farmers complain that they go outside and give treatment in exchange of money as they are not getting expected treatment from the animal hospitals. Meanwhile, the farmers are forced to run to the villager doctors to save the cows.

It has also been alleged that some local veterinarians are taking advantage of the opportunity of animal hospital doctors and are extorting thousands of taka from farmers and farm owners by pretending to be doctors.

Going to different villages of the district and talking to the farmers and farm owners, it is known that the rate of attack is increasing every day due to this disease. The cow’s body has large bruises and sores.

The healthy cows died due to this disease without getting proper treatment. At present, everyone in the area has a cow infected with this disease.

The number of people affected by this disease is increasing every day, said farmer Saiful Islam under sadar upazila. There is no vaccine to prevent the disease. Due to the fear of this disease, farmers and farmer owners are selling their diseased cows at low prices. Local butchers are buying these diseased cows and selling the meat in the hope of more profit.

District Animal Resources Officer denied these allegations. Hasan Ali said, ‘This disease has spread throughout the country. It has also appeared in the district. Because of this, our pressure has also increased.

District Live stock officer Md Mosarraf Hossain said, “There is no chance of contracting this disease if the vaccine is taken on time.”  “We have always been advising farmers and farm owners.” DLO added.

Deputy Commissioner Md Saiful Islam said to prevent the Lumpy skin disease they have already taken measure steps. The farmers and farm owners should follow the advice of the authority concern, DC added.

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