Lemon farmer becomes a role model of self-reliance in Kurigram

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Update : Monday, September 25, 2023

Many farmers in Kurigram district are becoming self-reliance cultivating vegetables, fruits, rearing poultry birds, live stocks and lemon. One Adhir Chandra Roy, 53 years old a lemon cultivator of village Mirerbari khilpara under Senai union of Rajarjat upazila in the district is a tale of success and self-reliance. He is now a model of lemon cultivator.

He cultivated 100 best quality saplings of lemon on his 65 decimal of lands where he is getting about two lakh lemon. The production meeting the local demand he is selling those in the market.Locals call him as the “King of Lemon”.

Adhir Babu at first bought only four sapling of lemon of Kagzi variety from Barobari market under Lalmonirhat district at a cost of Tk 25 only and planted in his homestead as hobby in 1996. He received a very satisfactory yields of lemon from those four saplings after one and half years. Then he was attracted in lemon cultivation. He visited to Rangpur kitchen market and found that the price of long sizes are high and started to plant of those varieties of lemon collecting from various places.

One day he saw the long variety of lemon in his relatives’ house and purchased 40 sapling costing each at Tk. 20 and planted on his 21 decimal of land in 2000.When he got profit, he planted 60 saplings of lemon long size again on his 44 decimal of land.Then he extended his land as 65 decimal with 100 saplings. After three years he is harvesting around two lakhs of lemon worth Tk four lakhs. The quality size and scent of his lemon are attractive to all. It is more profitable than cultivation of paddy,he said.

He further said if we cultivate paddy in one bigha of land, the highest production will at 40 mounds in two times in a year and could sell at Tk 40,000/- in local markets. The production cost, labor and transportation would be around 25,000/- leaving a profit of Tk. 15,000/- only. Therefore, lemon farming offers significantly higher profit margin,Adhir added.

There are several Burmese Grapes (Lotkon) trees where he earns more than one lakh taka per year. His net income at Tk. five lakhs per year. Both lemon and Lotkon cultivation needs few money. Applying fertilizer, pesticides and take care are needed only, Adhir Babu said.

Earlier Adhir Babu was a poor man but now he built a beautiful semi building house with decorated furniture including refrigerator, Almira, new motor bike etc.He is self-reliant now. His one son is a college student and another one daughter is studying in primary school.Now he is leadinga very happy life with his family members.

Adhir Babu is now self-reliant and maintaining his family with this earning. Observing the lemon farm, a total 20 youths of the area have been starting to cultivate lemon farm with the suggestion of Adhir Babu. Many people of distance places come to see the lemon farm and some of them purchase lemon. Lemon gives yield round the year. Sometimes some of lemons changes color, size and scent,he said.

Rajarhat upazila Agriculture Officer Saifunnahar Sathi said Adhir Babu has been cultivating lemon for long and he is a successful lemon cultivator. The leaves of lemon control vomiting tendency, doctors said.

Former Agriculture officer of Rajarhat upazila now chief Instructor of Rangpur Agriculture Training center Sasty Chandra Roy told that I visited his lemon farming several times. He has various kinds of lemons which are best quality and public demand is also high. Lemon is enriched with vitamin-c which is necessary for human body.He has also several Burmes grapes (Lotkon) trees where he gets a good amount of money every year.

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