Lay-up continued for the third day in protest against beating of an intern nurse at Pabna Hospital

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Update : Thursday, February 2, 2023

The intern nurses of Pabna General Hospital went on going break-in-service for the third day on Thursday in protest against the beating of the intern nurse. The services of the patients in the hospital have stopped due to the strike. The hospital authorities are struggling to serve the admitted patients. 

The intern nurses stayed on the hospital premises for the third day from 10 am on Thursday. They have announced that they will continue their break-in-service until their 8-point demand is implemented. Later they took a rally and protested in front of the office of the Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police.

According to intern nurses, Raza Hossain, a second year student of Diploma in Science and Midwifery of Ichhamati Nursing College in Pabna, was on duty in the female unit of the medicine ward last Tuesday afternoon. At that time, a relative of the patient had an argument with the broker of the hospital, Saddam Hossain, about doing an ECG at a higher price. At this time, nurse Raja Hossain asked the broker to go outside the hospital and talk to the patient without getting excited.

Meanwhile, broker Saddam Hossain got angry with the nurse and started beating him. Other nurses were also beaten when they resisted. After that, the nurses started a strike from that afternoon to demand 8 points, including stopping harassment of patients and ensuring the safety of nurses.

However, the hospital authorities did not take steps to implement their demands till Thursday afternoon.

Bangladesh Diploma Student Nurses Union Pabna branch president JahidHasan said that the influence of brokers in the hospital is long-standing. Before, such incidents have happened. But again and again they get through. But local public representatives and hospital authorities played an indifferent role. So the lay-up will continue until our demands are met.

KripaSinduBala, officer-in-charge of Pabna police station told New Age, `a written complaint has been received from the nurses in this regard and action is being taken in consultation with the hospital authorities.’

Assistant director of the hospital Dr. Omar Faruque Mir told New Age that talking to the agitating intern nurses, steps will be taken on how to overcome this problem. The police administration has already talked about stopping the violence of brokers’. He also said that he is working to return the intern nurses to the workplace.

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