Jamuna River rising due to the continuous heavy rains in Dhunot

Update : Thursday, August 26, 2021

The water level of the river Jamuna is rising and flowing over the danger due to the continuous heavy rains for several days and the slope coming down from the upper reaches.

The Flood Forecasting and Warning Center of the Water Development Board has warned that floods could occur in the first week of September due to rising river levels.

According to the BogUra Water Development Board, the danger level of the river Jamuna has been set at 18.60 cm at Shahrabari point of the upazila. At around 8 am on Thursday, the water of the Jamuna flowed at a level of 18.6 cm. But by 3 pm, the water level has risen by 5 centimeters and is flowing one centimeter above the danger line. However, the water level in Jamar continues to rise.

Humayun Kabir, sub-divisional engineer of the BogUra Water Development Board (Paubo), said the water level in the Jamuna River continued to rise but the amount was very low. In that case, floods are expected in the first week of September. However, there are all kinds of preparations to deal with the flood. The dam of the river Jamuna has been kept under observation at every moment.



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