IU Teachers Call for Self-Managed Admissions

Sohanur Rahman, IU Correspondent : 315 Time View :
Update : Sunday, February 12, 2023

The teachers of Islamic University (IU) in Kushtia are pushing for a change in the admission process, calling for self-management instead of the GST Admission System. The executive council of the teachers’ association has agreed on this change and plans to send a letter to the Vice-Chancellor on Sunday, outlining the reasons behind their stance.
A teacher of the executive council spoke to the Daily Asia, saying that the GST admission system was implemented to make the admission process easier and more efficient, but it seems to have had the opposite effect. Due to the suffering caused by the long process, many parents are turning away from government institutions and moving toward private universities.
It has made the enrollment process more difficult for students, leading to a significant drop in enrollment. “I think the current system is not only causing delays in the admission process but also deterring potential students from applying to the university. “
Meanwhile, The authorities at the university started the academic year of 2021-22 on February 8th, but many seats remain vacant despite the 11th merit list being published.
Last year, the teachers’ association initially decided to boycott the admission process, but after negotiations with the administration, they eventually voted in favor of conditional participation. Now, the teachers are once again pushing for a change, hoping that self-management of the admission process will address the issues and improve the overall education experience for students
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