Inspite clothes, shoes and school bags shortage , teacher’s contribution top

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Update : Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Government primary school and students are carrying the reputation of top place due to the personal contribution of a teacher.
This school was established in 1972 and officialized in 1987 in the remote area of Jafarpur village of Charghat Upazila of Rajshahi. Because of that teacher, the students of the school come to school on time. No family member has to force their children to go to school.

The school was established on the initiative of the locals after the independence of the country. At that time, the importance of education was not so much, but later on, the school improved a lot step by step. The improvement of the quality of this school was very backward even in the present time. However, assistant teacher Nahid Hasan has improved the school’s environment and quality of education to the highest level with his own efforts, the institution’s committee and locals said.

There are currently 2 hundred and 9 students of this school. The daily program of the school is conducted with a total of 5 teachers and 1 peon. Classes 1st to 5th are taught by 2 male and 3 female teachers. Many of those teachers are on maternity leave, some are sick. But teacher Nahid Hasan is adamant in fulfilling his duties.

During the meeting, the locals said that a teacher’s tireless work and the daily needs of the students are almost met by him. They are improving the school environment and quality of education without waiting for the allocation of the school. The upazila’s annual exam and PSC results are proof of that.

Assistant teacher Nahid Hasan said, in the real sense, the expectations of others’ lives are fulfilled by giving oneself. Majority of the students in schools in remote areas are children of working people including day laborers, farmers, van drivers, auto rickshaw drivers. Many of these students do not have good quality clothes, shoes and school bags.

Sometimes they don’t even have breakfast. Unknowingly, many students are returning home after school without eating. Maybe lunch is their destiny or they get through the day with a couple of bites at night. Besides, those families are not able to afford the cost of tutoring for their children. As a result, he taught the students himself. That teacher is trying his best. But he hopes to take the school to the top by teaching at the highest level.
Teacher Nahid Hasan’s contribution will not end, said Headmaster Taj Mohammad Ashraful Islam. Similarly, Upazila Assistant Education Officer Nahida said that the teacher is actually working for the students.

Upazila Primary Education Officer Mostafizur Rahman said that Zafarpur government primary school environment and quality of education of the students is very well known in the upazila. Teacher Nahid Hasan is the claimant of this reputation of the school.

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