India genuine friend of Bangladesh-Food Minister

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Update : Thursday, December 22, 2022

Food Minister Sadhan Chandra Majumder said that India is a genuine friend of Bangladesh. India’s multifaceted contribution to our great liberation war has become a part of history. They selflessly cooperated in our great liberation war.

This genuine friendship between India and Bangladesh will remain unbroken throughout life. He said this while addressing the chief guest at the ‘India-Bangladesh Friendship Celebration’ event at a hotel in Rajshahi on Thursday (December 22). The event was organized by the Assistant High Commission of India in Rajshahi.

The food minister said that the ghosts of those who opposed the great liberation war are still being plotted by the anti-independence people. Their conspiracy is on. Maybe it will continue. We have to deal with them vigilantly.
He said, we still remember how the then West Bengal government stood by the Indian government. That was unimaginable and incomparable. However, after 1975, if the word of India was brought up in the mouth, it was somehow condemned.

Highlighting the contribution of the Indian government in the liberation war, the minister said that right after the victory on December 16, Bangabandhu asked the Indian army members to take them back to their country.

But the country which becomes independent with joint forces, they do not withdraw the army so easily. But the Indian government withdrew the army on the call of Bangabandhu. I think that the anti-independence forces got the opportunity to kill Bangabandhu due to the withdrawal of this army.

The minister also expressed hope that the relationship between the two countries has improved under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, and the basis of the relationship will be stronger in the future. During this time, he called for increasing communication with the people of the two countries, cultural exchange and trade balance by removing the complications related to visas.

Manoj Kumar, Indian Assistant High Commissioner appointed in Rajshahi, said that India supports Bangladesh in every good work. The people of India helped to gain independence from neighboring countries in the great liberation war of 1971. The language and culture of the people of the two countries are similar, which has made the relationship between the two countries strong and strong.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Abu Kalam Siddique, eminent social worker Shahina Akhtar Reni, brave freedom fighter Nowsher Ali spoke on the occasion. Later, the Food Minister enjoyed a delightful program for children with special needs.

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