Historical palace museum set up in Puthia

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Update : Friday, March 4, 2022

A museum has been set up in the historical palace of Puthia in Rajshahi on the initiative of the Department of Archeology. This place of ancient history and civilization is becoming popular among the visitors. The locals are happy that the long standing demand has been met. And the police administration is working for security at all times.
It is known that Puthia Rajbari is a traditional place of archeological excavations in the Rajshahi region. This ancient architecture of Mughal period stands as a witness of history. Despite long preparations, it is too late to open the museum in Corona, but the historic building has recently been opened to the public. This place of ancient history and civilization has become popular among the visitors since morning. The Puthia Rajbari Museum is open from 10 am to 5 pm in summer.
In winter, visitors can visit from 9 am to evening. However, it is closed for half a day on weekly holidays, Sunday and Monday. The entrance fee is 20 rupees for visitors, Tk 5  for students, Tk 100  for citizens of foreign SAARC countries and Tk 200  for other foreigners.

Assistant Custodial Shaoli Talukder of Puthia Rajbari Museum of the Department of Archeology said that Puthia Rajbari has been rich in history and tradition for a long time. And with that effort in mind, we had a plan to open a museum in Puthia Rajbari.

This plan has been in place since 2016, but for security reasons we have not been able to carry it out. Finally, in November 2021, we opened the museum at Puthia Rajbari and opened it to the public. The number of visitors is increasing day by day. Lots of tourists from outside are constantly coming to see Puthia Rajbari Museum.

Upazila Nirbahi Officer Nurul Hai Mohammad Anash said, “A museum has been established in our Puthia Rajbari.” From now on, every day a large number of visitors visit this museum. The museum houses a wide variety of antiquities and antiquities. History and heritage are displayed in this museum. In order to further promote the museum, we are receiving and cooperating in various ways in the development of this museum.

On behalf of the administration in particular, we are taking some steps to make this museum accessible to the public and to inform the public. At the same time more archeological subjects can be added here so that more new subjects can be added. In particular, we are trying to collect the various items scattered in the palace area and keep them in the museum.

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