“Hard Work or Boredom which makes you tired”

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Update : Wednesday, February 17, 2021

The first step of success is always troublesome and hard. Let’s take a brief idea of the title here.

Hard Work: History gives us many ideas about it and motivates us with it. To most of the people, this phrase may seem hard to hear because they have the inborn nature of keeping themselves away from something seeming hard. That’s why years after years most people get afraid of hearing this phrase “Hard Work”. It may mean two ideas –Firstly it may refer to the work which seems hard or difficult to do or to solve. Secondly it may mean “sticking to doing the work continuously till a successful completion” So, taking a reasonable time for completing the work patiently you have already decided to do may be called “Hard Work.”

In this materialistic world, the people who have been able to write their names popularly in the pages of history and have become great, rich, famous etc. took a long time and kept working hard to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams. They always spent 15-18 hours a day in implementing their dreams. Some failed and broke in heart but did not lose hope and stood again straightening their backbone just to fulfill their dreams. They never left their decision and dream. They only stuck to their hopes and dreams. So many examples can be brought into visualization for this. Thomas Alva Edison failed 10 thousand times in inventing electric bulb and at last became successful. He never felt tired because he had an optimistic mind latent within him. 18 hours work a day patiently made Shahrukh Khan King Khan in the world of entertainment. His 18 hours work a day at a stretch helped him reach the pick of success. This is the secret of Hard Work. He never felt tired for a single day. His only dream did not let him feel tired. This is called “Hard Work”. How unimaginatively hard work can change a life!

Who doesn’t know Elon Musk? He is the richest and hard working man in the world. It is found after reviewing

his life that he works for about 90-100 hours a week. If these hours are divided by 7 days, then each day holds about 13/14 hours. So, he works for about 13/14 hours duration of time a day. How unimaginative it is! It is beyond our imagination. This regular duration of time has helped him reach the present position. Now he has forgotten all his pains and sufferings. All these unfavorable conditions have turned into his great success. No man dies because of hard work but dies because of fear and boredom. As a result, he soon meets mental death before the real death. If there is a real dream nourished in heart, no tiredness is felt at all. So, it is clear that successful people

never feel tired. Remember, tiredness is nothing but a feeling. Hard work never makes people tired, only feeling

tired makes them tired. When you feel uneasy during working hard, you can take a short break from your work. It will create freshness in your mind and then full energy will revive inside you.

Boredom: It is one kind of negative feeling. It creates an obstacle on the progress of any action. This feeling always discourages a man not to do the work which he desires to do. It works in the brain of human beings in such a way that he doesn’t find any interest to do any work or go forward. That’s why, it is generally called a negative feeling. It damages his all energy of productivity. It makes him tired as soon as he feels it. As a result, he can’t venture to do the work. The work which he takes responsibility for remains undone. This is how, he becomes habituated with it.  He can’t do anything great in life.


Boredom generally creates in time of the following  situations :

–  When a man does the work imposed on him for the first time.

–  When the length of the work is long.

–  When the environment does not support us.

–  When a man does not get any respect or appreciation from others for the work.

–  When none shows gratefulness for the work.

–  When none rewards for the work.

–  When the work is not attractive enough.

–  When a man alone is to do the work.

–  When the partner is not helpful enough.

–  When someone forces to do the work.

When a man faces all these situations, he loses his sincerity, interest and attraction to do the work. This is how, he feels boredom and tired inside.

So, learn how to love the work. Because only love for the work will remove every negativity from your mind. Strongly love the work you are dreaming of. Only love is the healer of all boredom and tiredness.


Keep working hard with what you have and for what you should have or should be. Always remember that the passion which doesn’t move you, shake your insight or make you restless can never make you successful. Keep waiting patiently for the time when a happy news of success will be knocking at your door.

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