Government buildings sale at nominal price  at auctions allegedly in Sherpur 

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Update : Sunday, June 11, 2023

Allegation has been raised that a building of the Department of Public Health Engineering Sherpur upazila of Bogura district, was  auctioned at a nominal price.These auctions were held very secretly through syndicates without proper publicity.
In this, the government building worth 5 lakh taka was sold for only 86 thousand 500 taka.  As a result, the government is deprived of revenue, but millions of taka have reached the pockets of the syndicate members.
After investigation, it is known that several days ago, the main office building of the Upazila Public Health Engineering Department was declared abandoned due to the expiry of its term. Also auctions were  taken to remove it.Upazila Engineer Liaquat Hossain and his office were given the responsibility to manage this auction.But he auctioned the government building without proper publicity. In this case, no government rule was followed. Allegedly, the auction notice was not published in the newspaper for wide publicity and dissemination. No notice has been posted at important places in the upazila town.Apart from this, no campaign was carried out on the mics. Nobody knows about the auction except the engineer’s own people. Therefore, the lowest price is only 75 thousand 800 taka .Besides, although 64 tenders worth 200 taka were shown on paper, the desired number of tender was not submitted. The government building was sold to Messer’s Bulbul Traders of Bogura at a nominal price of 86 thousand 500 taka at the office of the Upazila Nirbahi Officer on (June 7), after only 4 tenders were submitted. It was said that later it was sold at four times the price and the money was shared.
Solaiman Ali, a businessman involved in the sale and purchase of old buildings, said, “Nobody told us about the auction of government buildings. So I did not get a chance to submit the tender. Apart from this, the issue of the auction could not be seen or heard in the newspaper or on the mices.If I had known, I would have bought the tender and submitted it and participated in the post.  And if we participated, it would have been possible to sell the government building at a higher price. The government would have received much more revenue.”
 In response to another question, he further said, ‘He commented that he could have sold that building for four to five lakh taka if it was called publicly.’
 When asked to know, Ripa Parveen, assistant engineer of the upazila public health and engineering department, said that the upazila engineer can tell how the auction was done.I know nothing about this.The official of the Department of Public Health Engineering did not agree to comment on the incident.
Upazila Engineer Liaquat Hossain said in this context, “There is no rule to publish the auction notice in the newspaper. So it wasn’t done. Even if there is no campaigning on mics, everyone has been informed by issuing a notice.  Proper tender rules have been followed in this regard.
In response to a question, he further said, ‘I did not bid alone. UNO Sir and Assistant Engineer of Public Health were with this.He claimed that the building was sold to the highest bidder based on the opinion of all the committee.
When asked about this, upazila executive officer Sanjida Sultana said, Upazila Engineer was in charge of auctioning the government building. So it is his responsibility to carry out the campaign.I know it was done properly.If there is any deviation in this case, I would definitely get a complaint. But no one complained.However, the matter will be looked into.
“She will talk to the upazila engineer about the matter” the executive officer also said.
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