Fulchhari Thana police gain popularity, trust, confidence of mass people

Update : Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Fulchhari Thana police led by officer in charge (OC) Md. Kawsar Ali gained the popularity, trust and confidence of the people from all walks of life for providing need base services to the people from the thana police without any hassle.

For providing desired services from the thana police the people of all the 10 union are happy and satisfied and call Kawsar Ali in the name of the poor’s OC, OC of the poor.

Police sources said, Md. Kawsar Ali joined the Thana located at Kalirbazar area of Fulchhariupazila on September, 03, 2019 as OC.

Since then he had been performing his official duties for the welfare of the people as a police officer.

After talking to OC, it was learnt that after joining here on September 03, 2019 Kawsar Ali held meeting with the local political leaders, public representative and civil society members several times and wanted to know from them what types of services from the police.

Apart from it, the OC also conducted the beat policing activity at village level of the upazila and knew the demands of the people to make the law and order situation of the upazila peaceful and control.

The local people informed him that most of the people of the upazila live on the chars (land emerged from the river bed) located on the eastern side of the Brahmaputra river which blows through the upazila and divides the upazila into two parts.

The OC said asthe big haats of the uapzila are located on the western side (main land) of the upazila, the char people are to go to the hats for selling and buying agri crops and domestic animals-cow, goat and sheep through crossing the river by boats.

When their boats would reach the middle of the river, the pirates from far flung areas came to the boat of the passengers using double engine boat and would loot their cash and other valuables of the char people and would leave the place hurriedly after looting, he also said.

To stop the piracy in the river was a big challenge but for taking pragmatic measures including regular patrolling by boat in the river by the thanapolice, the piracy had been stopped in the river, he added.

Shah AlamJadu, a local media man, said, the people of the upazila  are happy as they are getting their desired services from the Fulchharithana police without any harassment.

For providing desired services from the thana police, all the employees from constable to officers of the thana have become peoples’ friendly and the OC of the thana has become the OC of the poor, he added.

Shahidul Islam, a resident of Kalir Bazar area said the people of the upazila talk the OC over mobile phone, after ending the talk the OC gives quick response and tries to solve the problem of the person without delay.

Sometimes, the OC cannot receive the phone of the people due to his business, but after sometime, the OC back the call saying that for what reason he has been phoned. As per their necessity, the OC provided his need base services to the callers, he added.

Generally, an OC does not want to receive the phone call of the public, let alone call back. For bearing such the quality, the OC has become a public friendly police officer in the district.

When asked about his popularity to the mass people of theupazila OC Md. Kawsar Ali said said,” All credit goes to our well-efficient superintendent of police (SP)Sir, Muhammad Towhidul Islam as he always gives us instructions so that no person is done harrasement or deprived of the policing services from the thana”.

Besides this, the nation celebrated the Mujib Year across the country and on the occasion of Mujib Year, the sologan of the police is MujibBarsherAngicar, police hobejanatar.

Following the slogan and at the directives of efficient SP MuhammadTowhidul Islam, they were trying to provide their services to the people from the grass root level to top one of the upazila, he concluded.

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