Former IU VC Dr. Rashid Askari Receives Vidyasagar Award

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Update : Friday, October 6, 2023

Dr. Rashid Askari, a former Vice-Chancellor and esteemed Professor in the English department at the Islamic University in Kushtia, has been honored with the prestigious Vidyasagar Award for 2023. This notable recognition, jointly bestowed by the Sanskrit College and University, Kolkata, India, and the Vidyasagar Society, Dhaka, Bangladesh, stands as a testament to Dr. Askari’s significant contributions to education.

The ceremony took place on Tuesday night, as confirmed by officials from the academic office at IU. Dr. Askari’s unwavering dedication to academia and his profound influence within the academic community were underscored during the ceremony.

The honor was conferred in the context of an international conference entitled ‘Vidyasagar and the Episteme of Bengal’, held at BB1 Bharati Bhavan, Kolkata, India. This event, commemorating the 203rd birth anniversary of the eminent scholar Pandit Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar, drew distinguished figures from both India and Bangladesh. Noteworthy attendees included Mr. Goutam De, former Director of ICCR, Biswadeb Chakraborty, Coordinator of URI, India, and Dr. Tania Chakravertty, Dean of Students’ Welfare at Diamond Harbour Women’s University.

Dr. Rashid Askari’s multifaceted academic accomplishments have earned him acclaim as a prolific bilingual author, fictionist, columnist, translator, and media personality. His remarkable achievements leave an indelible mark on the academic realm, serving as an inspiration for future generations to pursue excellence in their educational endeavors.

The Vidyasagar Award 2023 is a fitting recognition not only of Dr. Askari’s exceptional contributions but also of the enduring influence that dedicated educators wield in shaping society. Dr. Askari’s legacy is poised to enrich the educational landscape for years to come.

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