Farmers expecting for bumper yield of turmeric in Kurigram

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Update : Thursday, November 16, 2023

The farmers are expecting for bumper yield of turmeric in Kurigram district in this season as the soil in this region is suitable for turmeric cultivation.

Most of the farmers have been cultivated turmeric in a large scale on their high as well as unused lands in all the nine upazilas in the district. The easy method of cultivation.Investing few money,less risk of animals or attack or pesticides are encouraging for turmeric cultivation. In addition it also grows in slide sunny as well as under the trees.

Kurigram Department of Agriculture Extension has been fixed a target of turmeric cultivation on 680 hectares of land in this year.

While this correspondent has been visited on some spots at Kathalbari, Senai, Belgacha, Holokhana,Jatrapur,Ghogadaha and Bhogdanga under KurigramSadarupazila, Bamondanga,Berubari,Hasnabad,Kaliganj,NarayanpurRoygani areas under Nagswariupazila and Rajarhat,Ulipur,Chilmari,Roumari,bhurungamari and Phulbariupazila and found that the farmers have been cultivated turmeric in a large scale.

Talking to farmer Saiful 40 of village KhalishaKalowa under Kanthalbari union in Kurigramsadarupazila told this correspondent that I have cultivated turmeric of Barma variety on my 50 decimal o land in this year. I have already been spent Tk 42000/- or seeds ploughing, fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation and laborers till now. The plants of turmeric are very healthy due to favorable weather and taking care. He is expecting for 100 maunds of production.In the harvesting period pet maund of turmeric will be sold at Tk.1800 to 21000.In an average if per maund turmeric sells at Tk 2000, a total of Tk, 100000 will be sold. Deducting the production cost around 45000 his net profit will stands at Tk 55000. The farmer further said I have been cultivation turmeric for the last ten years in the same land and the profit is satisfactory.

Another farmer Rabiul 44 of village Madaikhal under Kaliganj union of Nageswariupazila told that he has cultivated turmeric on his two bighas of land and he is expecting for bumper yield in this year. It is a masala variety of crop which mixed ground into a paste or powder for use in cooking, he added.

Turmeric locally known as ‘Holood’ or “Holdy” is also used as antibiotic. If some parts of the human body suddenlycut with blade and others especially housewives while cutting vegetables in the kitchen room, dust of turmeric should be applied causes pouring of blood will be stopped immediately. However the seeds are sown in the month of March-April and are harvested in February-April.

Health Benefits and uses of Turmeric:Turmeric has natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties, hence used for wound/cut/burn healing.Several doctors and herbal physicians said turmeric protects against liver diseases, helps boost the immune system.Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, it is good for skin health, improves rheumatoid arthritis etc.

The turmeric crop should be ready for harvest in 8-9 months depending on variety and time of sowing. Usually, the turmeric leaves turn dry and yellowish color on maturity. Manual and machine harvesting can be done in the crop.

Deputy Director of Kurigram Department of Agriculture Extension BiplabKumariMohanto said Turmeric cultivation is profitable which grow in fellow, high and abandoned as well as normal lands.

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