Fake barrister arrested for embezzlement money in Sherpur

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Update : Thursday, February 24, 2022

Fake barrister arrested with two fraudster for embezzlement money from ordinary people in the guise of Barrister.They used to grab money by various means including settling land disputes and winning cases.  At some point, the victims understand  their deception.
He also took assistant  from the police. After finding out the truth of the incident, the police arrested the two members of the fraudster.They were arrested on Tuesday (February 22) night from Dhawa area of ​​Kusumbi union in the upazila.
They are: Mozammel Haque alias Rana(35) son of Osman Ali of Swaid Balalpara village in Singra upazila of Natore and Abu Bakar Siddique alias Raju Mandal(34) son of Abdul Khaleq of Joynagar village of Sughat union of Sherpur upazila. Meanwhile, Mozammel Haque calls himself a fake barrister and Raju is his associate.
A case was registered against the arrested persons at Sherpur police station on Wednesday (February 23) morning. Rubel Hasan, son of Anisur Rahman of Dhawapara village of Kusumbi union of the upazila, filed the case in this connection.
According to the case, the victim Rubel Hasan met Mozammel Haque and Raju Mandal, members of the fraudster six months ago. He assured to solve the land related problem on the basis of this. The notorious fraudster Mozammel Haque Rana, posing as a barrister in the High Court, extorted Tk 200,000 from Rubel Hasan on December 11, 2021 for the cost  of the case. Later, another Tk 140,000 was taken from him to get the verdict of the case. Besides,they snatched the money in name of solving the family dispute.
The plaintiff of the case, the victim Rubel Hasan, said ” there was no similarity between the words of the two persons and the work. At one stage their actions were suspected.Later I went to the High Court in Dhaka to inquire about them.”
“Then I found out that Mozammel Haque is not a lawyer or a barrister.Originally an active member of the fraudster and the Raju Mandal is his collaborator. Their main job is to swindle millions of money by cheating the common people with their identities in different places including his barrister.After confirming the matter, he filed a case with the police station hoping for justice,” he also added.
When asked,Shahidul Islam, Officer-in-Charge of Sherpur Police Station said, “Preliminary investigation has been confirmed that the arrested persons are active members of the fraudsters.So they have been arrested.Besides,the victim Rubel Hasan has filed a case against them at the police station.” “The  process of sending the arrested persons to the court in Bogura on Wednesday afternoon was underway,” he added.
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