Eucalyptus no friend of environment, it harmfulto other trees

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Update : Friday, August 18, 2023

This eucalyptus treesare seen everywhere in Bangladesh including in greater Rangpur region. This tree is very useful to us. The first thing we get from this tree is that the wood of this tree is very hard. The furniture that is made of this wood is very strong. Moreover, this wooden frame   is very much needed to build a new house. The origin of the tree is from Australia.

But this tree is found to plant on both sides of the road including around the cultivable lands in northern parts of the country including Rangpur division. The benefits of the eucalyptus tree are as great as the disadvantages. This tree can absorb water up to 50 feet below the 10-foot area around it, and when that absorbed water is released into the sky, water dehydration occurs on the ground. Therefore, there can be no other species of trees around the tree.Almost no other vegetation is found under eucalyptus trees and less birds are found nesting in eucalyptus trees.

A section of farmers in the district plant eucalyptus trees around their crop fields as well as both side of rural roads to earn good profit, ignoring the long-term negative impact on crop production caused by the giant foreign trees that consume huge water.

Eucalyptus plants are available at a low price. Besides, as the plant grows very quickly, people can get quick return. These have made planting of the tree popular. But unplanned plantation of this tree may harm our environment in the long run, because it invades the plantation area of other more helpful trees.

Talking to farmer Rabiul 42 and Babul 56 of village Madaikhal under Kaliganj union of Nageswariupazila in the district told The daily Messenger that we planted eucalyptus trees near our lands which consumed huge amount of water. After cutting the tree water came out from inside of the tree, we proved.

The rainy season is going on at present. It is the best time for plant to all species of trees. But nursery owners are still producing eucalyptus seedlings and these are being sold in the local marketas there is huge demand in the local market. There are various species of eucalyptus in Bangladesh.

Chief Instructor of Rangpur Agriculture Training Institute (ATI) agriculturist Sasty Chandra Roy told this correspondent that we always discourage to the farmers not to plant eucalyptus trees around the cultivable lands as a eucalyptus tree consumes huge quantities of water,affecting other trees there. No birds sit on the branch of the tree and its leaves are not rotten.

Assistant Conservator of Forest (ACF) of Kurigram Mohammad Rashid Arif said although many people are planting eucalyptus variety of sapling on road sides but we are suggesting them not to plant such kind of sapling as it harms to other trees.

Deputy Director of Kurigram Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) Biplab Kumar Mohanto said the foreign eucalyptus variety consumes huge water causing the adjacent trees become dehydration. In addition, its leaves are not rotten. Some excessive leaves fallen in the land is harmful. The farmers plant it around their cultivable land. Consequently, the other crops are hampered due to shadow of the tree, we suggest to the farmers not to plant eucalyptus trees.

Professor of Botany department and also principal of Kurigram Govt. College Mirza Mohammad Nasir Uddin said although eucalyptus tree consume huge amount of water and one stage it gives return those water. However as far I know the wood of this tree is very hard. People of rural areas make the frame of rooms and other furniture with such kind of wood.

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