Eid cloth markets’ gathering posing Risk of lives with Covid infection

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Update : Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Despite strict locked down across the country for preventing the huge infection by COVID-19, huge gatherings have been marked in the eid cloth markets in Bogura town in the last few weeks ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr.

The sellers were seen somewhat maintaining the health rules wearing masks, keeping sanitizers in their respective shops but in context of the customers, the social distance and health rules were not seen maintained. Such reckless behaviour of the customers has been triggering more infection of the COVID-19.

In addition of the cloth shops of the market, at least 25 shops of cookeries have been transformed temporarily into cloth shops as it could be the scope of recoup the loss ahead of the life killing disease.

The corona contagion cannot be the bar to the eid cloth shops as they are in great difficulty in the last 14 months.

The temporary eid cloth sellers of the new market said that taking adequate measures, they have been conducting the business for their lives.  But due to the contamination of the disease, the customers are not available in the market and the selling rate is less than the previous year as the vehicles are not available for the commuters. But overall business is not bad at all.

A cloth seller Shaymol said that they have been conducting the selling in somewhat relaxed mode and the customers are seen buying eid Panjabi specially.

They have been buying colourful silk, Khadi, Addi and Lilian Panjabi more than other varieties and of all the colours, they have buying of off-white, Purple, black, light green colours too.

An elderly Momotaz Parvin said that taking the risk of life, she came to the market to buy the eid cloth for her grand-daughters and sons.

Another Housewife Shoheli Akter said that she came to the market with her husband to buy eid cloth for her husband and bought a Punjabi of light purple colour for him from a show room of Jaleswaritola area as they are worried about the Corona virus. They could not move from shop to shop for choosing the cloth from market.

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