Effect of jaundice increase day by day in RU 

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Update : Thursday, February 8, 2024

The effect of jaundice and so on Hepatitis A virus is increasing day by day in Rajshahi University (RU). 131 students has affected in last 17 days. Deputy chief physician of the university medical center Dr. Md. Lomun Manjur (Apu) confirmed this information on Wednesday.
The doctors of the University said that the students are sufferings from this diseases by eating food prepared of unhygienic poluted water and sidewalks.
According to Medical Center of RU, 131 students were diagnosed with hepatitis A jaundice from 313 students tested in the last 17 days. Doctors of the University medical center said, the numbers of submersible pump is less in residential Hall and Academic building, consequently this diseases is created. Without this, due to high content iron in Tube-well and Motor water this diseases is created.
Taharat, students of theatre of 2017-2018 session of the University said, unhygienic food prepared in mobile shops of our campus. Ten people drink water in one glass. Meanwhile, the administration of our University has no steps. As a result the students suffering this diseases.
When asked whether any action has been taken from the administration, the student advisor of the university Jahangir Alam Saud said that students who live outside the hall should be more aware.  Because outside students are more affected by this disease. From the university administration, we have taken various initiatives to prevent jaundice. The students have to save the safe water of the submersible pump through the bottle and consume it, for this I have given instructions from the administration to extend the period of operation of the submersible pump to the principal council.
He further said that we have sent leaflets to the department to make the students of each department aware. Today miking of the university will be done for the awareness of the students. Apart from this, the student-advisor said that we will conduct an operation today to check the quality of food in the hotels of the university.
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