Education, Morality And Next Generation

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Update : Friday, June 3, 2022

Morality means politeness, character, good behavior. It basically distinguishes between good-evil, right-wrong, real-fake. An example of morality is: “I should treat others the way I expect others to treat me.”

Morality can also be called fairness or accuracy. It is morality to say who is right, who is wrong, who is wrong, who is white, who is black.

On the other hand, immorality is the complete opposite of morality. Can’t say who is right, who is wrong, who is wrong, , who is white or who is black. Which is the manifestation of unconsciousness, disbelief, indifference.

Lack of morality hinders the progress of the country and the nation. Eligible people cannot reach the right place. The arrogance of the unqualified increases. Qualified people suffer from inferiority complex. There is chaos in the society and the country.

The necessity or importance of moral education is immense.

Our children are doing well in public exams. These are the ones who are entering various fields of work after completing their formal education. Even after receiving adequate salary and allowances due to lack of moral education, the service recipients are being treated like fakirs/beggars.

Or let’s say, in the National Education Week competition, a teacher has been selected as the best class teacher at the upazila or district level. The staff or the managing committee said, “You don’t just have to choose the best teacher, you have to make the best student!” Why couldn’t you encourage the best teacher? Here the question of morality remained.

Moral education should be formed from family to the highest educational institutions. We all have a responsibility to make our children good citizens of the future. These moral teachings include courtesy, development of virtues, humility, discipline, self-control, kindness, courage, patriotism, philanthropy, hard work, patience and many more.

Only moral education can create a deep sense of patriotism in children.

In order to build love for the country, it is important to develop personal values ​​in children.

The main goal of moral education is to create religious tolerance in children. Children also need to be introduced to the basics of faith. Religious tolerance is especially important today, because in the current turbulent socio-political situation, all of them need to know about the unity and harmony of religion. This moral education can instill religious tolerance in the minds of the students. Therefore, moral education is very important to keep children away from religious extremism.

A sense of world brotherhood can be built in children through moral education. So that they do not harbor any animosity or resentment towards other nations.

Most of the people in the society follow the law, but they also follow some other social rules and regulations. Laws and regulations that are generally influenced by ethics.

Although, morality is governed by personal beliefs and values, there are a number of common morals in society; Which most people adhere to, such as -Always speak the truth, be brave, stop wasting property, don’t cheat, treat others as I want them to be treated, don’t judge anyone unnecessarily, keep promises, be generous, be humble, be tolerant of differences, to yourself and others, to be respectful, to be forgiving, to be honest, etc.

Ethical education needs to be added in the field of education in such a way that the message of these ethical values ​​can be conveyed to the students in a simpler, easier and more attractive way.

Good books, ethical teacher recruitment, literature, movies, and other mediums can also be used for this.

If a person has the knowledge to give morality, discipline and dignity in his life, starting from his personal life, the society and even the peace of the country will exist.

Ethical education of students has become an important issue in today’s society. Which, in turn, helps to instill values ​​in them and to teach them how to treat others.

Moreover, it is just as important to know and understand the meaning of their moral education. Moral education in childhood teaches people about the values ​​of their society.

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