Dharla River dried up, fishes crisis     

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Update : Tuesday, February 7, 2023

A total of 16 rivers including the Dharla, Teesta, Brahmaputra, Dudkumar, Holholea and Zinzeram are flowing throughKurigram district which are also facing water crisis as most parts of the rivers have been dried up in the current dry season.Many sandy chars have also been developed in the rivers.

The local varieties of fishes are disappearing gradually from the beginning of the dry season. The people who depend of rivers including fishermen are being suffered with their livelihood at present. On the other hand, Water Development Board assured to excavate the rivers to save rivers through statistics.

While visiting on the spot in the Dharla river,a vast tract of areaare barren sandy of the river at two kilometer width and 50 kilometer length.It is out of imagine that it was a mighty and gulping  river earlier.The river turned like a canal at present.Although insuffecient water is prevailing but no current there.The same phenomenon in all the rivers here.

Rivers contain with water in spite of dry season several years  ago.But now those have been halted due to lack of navigability. The fishermen are being passed their days in hardship as there is no edequate fishes in the river and no boat movement there. Finding no alternative way several fishermen have alreaby been changed their profession.

The inhabitant of the Dharlariver side fisherman Lal Meah told that most of the river are filled their bottom parts causing they lost the water hoding capacity.Consequently, the river is erding houses in the rainy season and it dried up in the dry season.

The river was full of water several years ago and the fishermen maintained their families catching fishes. But now there is few water and no fishes in the river causes the fishermen have been faced in a great troubles.

Executive Engineer of Kurigram  Water Development Board Abdullah Al Mamun told that Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority(BIWTA) is working about navigavity of rivers as the boat movement is not hampered. Digging is our work. We dig there the erosion is protect.So initiative of Project and digging  has been taken by river statistics. The rivers will again full of brim after digging.

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