Demonstration procession to protest anarchy of BNP-Jamaat held in Rajshahi

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Update : Saturday, May 28, 2022

A protest procession led by Bangladesh Awami League, Rajshahi metropolis came out of the party office in Kumarpara to protest against BNP-Jamaat’s terror anarchy and disturbing the peaceful environment of the country.
A protest rally was held at Saheb Bazar Zero Point on Saturday (May 26) at 5:30 pm after the protest procession went around the important roads of the city.

Ignoring the rain, all the leaders and workers joined the rally. The rally was presided over by Mohammad Ali Kamal, Acting President of Bangladesh Awami League, Rajshahi Mahanagar.

Bangladesh Awami League, Rajshahi Metropolitan General Secretary Md. Dablu Sarkar, Organizing Secretary Adv. Aslam Sarkar, Mir Istiaq Ahmed Limon, Acting General Secretary of Nagar Sramik League Sharif Ali Munmun, President of Nagar Juba League Ramzan Ali, General Secretary of Nagar Swechchasebak League Jedu Sarkar, President of Nagar Chhatra League Nur Mohammad Siam. The rally was conducted by Pankaj Dey, Deputy Office Secretary of Bangladesh Awami League, Rajshahi.

In his speech, the heroic freedom fighter Mohammad Ali Kamal said that the BNP is trying to disturb the peaceful environment of the country. They have been involved in a conspiracy to fish in muddy waters with the war criminal Jamaat. The Awami League will deal with such conspiracies on the streets.

Md. Dablu Sarkar said, only 28 days. On June 25, Sheikh Hasina, daughter of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Bangabandhu Sheikh Hasina will open a new door of development and possibilities by inaugurating the dream Padma Bridge.

With this inauguration, the dream milestone of the people of South Bengal and Bangladesh will be touched, and at the same time BNP-Jamaat wants to create a situation of terror and anarchy in the whole country to destroy the development and potential of Bangladesh.

Because they cannot accept the independence, development and potential of Bangladesh. They do not believe in the politics of development, they do not do politics for the betterment of the people. They believe in conspiracies and plots, on the other hand they believe in the politics of development and prosperity of Bangladesh Awami League under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina.

He further said that if any attempt is made to disturb the peace, order and political environment of the country, they will be met with a stern response on the streets.

Also present on the occasion were Vice President Bir Muktijoddha Nowsher Ali, Principal Shafiqur Rahman Badsha, Dr. Tabibur Rahman Sheikh, Joint Secretary Ahsanul Haque Pintu and leaders of Bangladesh Awami League, Rajshahi metropolis.

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