Compo-stable eco-friendly bags made from corn in Rajshahi

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Update : Wednesday, May 17, 2023

An organization called Crystal Bio Tech in Paba area of Rajshahi is making compostable eco-friendly bags from corn. The company has been producing these bags for six months.

In the meantime, these bags are being exported abroad. However, even though it is an alternative to polythene, the product is not able to cope with it. The manufacturing company says that this bag will become an alternative to polythene, which is harmful to the environment, with the support of the administration.

Crystal Bio Tech factory in Pabar Alimganj area of Rajshahi has been seen, these bags are being made from imported corn raw material starch (white part after removing the yellow part of corn). The raw material is initially machined and inflated with the help of heat and air to make bags like polythene. However, these bags cost a little more than polythene as they are dependent on imports.

However, the officials of the company say that although initially imported, raw materials will be produced from corn independently in the future. This will bring the price closer to polyethylene. At present the price of a large size bag is kept at four rupees, the production cost of which is more than two and a half rupees.

Iftekharul Haque, the owner of the company, said that efforts were being made to produce eco-friendly bags for several years. Several types of bag ideas have come up. But we like it quite a bit. The part that remains after the yellow upper part of the corn is removed is called corn starch. The raw material of this bag is from there. This bag is produced with this raw material. Basically it is German technology. But its machine is imported from India.

He said, currently we are importing its raw materials from abroad. We can produce 200,000 piece bags per day here. We are producing a little less because the demand is low. This is a good and golden opportunity. Bangladesh is the first in Asia to ban polythene. We are producing this product as an alternative to polythene. It is also in demand abroad. We have already exported the first shipment to the Middle East.

He also said that this bag will spread further if the administration gets cooperation and help. Basically, this bag will be a competitor of polythene. Many conscious people don’t want to use polythene anymore, but they don’t know what is its alternative. Jute bags are also very expensive. The price of our produced bags will be very low. As a result, this bag will spread quickly and also protect our environment.

Regarding the production of bags from corn, Deputy Commissioner Shamim Ahmed said that polythene is harmful. If a bag comes as an alternative, we would welcome it. He said that the district administration will do whatever it takes to market it easily and distribute the bags.

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