Commercial colored fish farming in Rajshahi

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Update : Monday, March 25, 2024

Two successful entrepreneurs of Charghat Upazila have developed RS Color Fish Farm in commercial colored fish farming in Rajshahi . He is doing commercial farming of about lakhs of colored fish in his own farm, selling them in big district cities and upazilas including the country’s capital city, Dhaka.

Two brothers Rahmat Ali and Khaled Mahmud Sujan are farming colored fish in Parpanpur village of Charghat Union of the upazila. Two brothers have gradually developed RS Color Fish Farm.

The colored fish produced by the farm are being sold all over the country, dreaming of exporting abroad one day. Seeing their interest, Sini’s Upazila Fisheries Department has come forward to increase production and provide technical support.

On the surface, it can be seen at RS Color Fish Farm, there are about 20 varieties of small and large exotic colored fish.
Notable varieties include Red Ear Guppy, Red Tail Platinum Guppy, Albino Full Red or Red Moscow, Black Moscow, Santa Claus, White Duckrodo, Radium Moontail Balunmali, Long Fin Zerba etc. Among them, red ear guppy, elmino koi are sold at 1500-2000 taka per piece, said Sujan.

The elder brother Rahmat said that in 2017, he started farming colored fish with his younger brother Sujon as a hobby. In the beginning, mother used to collect fish from the district town and Dhaka and cultivate this fish in small scale with 4 sanitary rings in the courtyard of the house.
Due to the demand in the market, he sees the face of success as the years go by. As colored fish farming was commercially profitable, he left his private job and started farming commercially.

If the demand increases, the largest colored fish production center of the district will be built with the financial support of the Senior Upazila Fisheries Department.

They are producing fish by collecting fish larvae directly from Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and producing molecules.
Sujan said that the colored fish of RS Color Fish Farm is sold in almost all the districts and upazilas of the country through Kataban of Dhaka and online platform. Sujan said that he earns about lakhs of rupees a month by selling colored fish.

He also said that it is possible to increase the production and production of quality colored fish in the domestic manner if loans and technical assistance are received from the government through the Upazila Fisheries Department. As a result, employment opportunities will be created for the locals, he said.

Senior Upazila Fisheries Officer Wali Ullah Mollah said that the commercial potential of colored fish is increasing. The demand for these colorful fish is increasing among a class of people in the country and abroad, so many people are turning to fish farming.

He said that Senior Upazila Fisheries Department has already given support of about 3.5 lakh taka for hatchery development in 2021-22 financial year under NAPP project to encourage this initiative.

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