Coming in search of a lover in Rangpur, the lover committed suicide

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Update : Monday, January 24, 2022

A lover from Jhenaidah came to Rangpur repeatedly in search of her boyfriend and wandered the streets without finding him. Eventually, the lover died voluntarily at the Victim Support Center in police custody. Police recovered the body and sent it to the morgue.

It has been reported that a lover named Miss Ruhi Sarma, daughter of Sekendar Ali of Ghariarghat village in Harinakundu police station area of ​​Jhenaidah district, often comes to Rangpur in search of her boyfriend. She was wandering in the streets without finding any area.

In this situation, some people of Sahebganj area under Rangpur Metro Haragach Police Station arrested her in the middle of the night on January 22. When ordinary people call 999, Haragachh police come to the spot. Police rescued her and left her at the Victim Support Center inside Rangpur Metro Kotwali Police Station around 3:30 pm.

The next day, on January 23, at around 12 o’clock in the morning, at the Victim Support Center, Ruhi alias Sarma (17) committed suicide by wrapping her   scarf around her neck. Kotwali police, senior officials of the metro police and the chairman of the committee of the Vctim Support Center and others came to know about the matter. The body was later recovered and sent to the morgue of Rangpur Medical College Hospital.

Earlier, Miss Ruhi alias Sarma came to Rangpur in March 2021 in search of the same boyfriend. Even then the police rescued her. In this regard, the police themselves made a general diary(GD) at Metro Kotwali police station on 30/3/2021. When the family was informed, she was taken away. After that, she came to Rangpur again in search of the same lover and was arrested by the mob and handed over to the police.

This information was confirmed by Sajjad Hossain, Assistant Commissioner, DB and Media, Rangpur Metropolitan Police.

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