Cold Sharbat distributed to make pedestrians gratified from terrible heat in Bogura

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Update : Thursday, May 2, 2024

To avoid terrible heat, cold Sharbat has been distributed among the workers and the pedestrians in Bogura as the whole country is scorching.

When people suffer from severe drought and unbearable heat; Just at that moment Journalist Union Bogura has taken the praiseworthy initiatives.

Ganesh Das, president of Journalist Union Bogura, inaugurated the sharbat distribution program on the road adjacent to the Circuit House on Thursday afternoon.

Former President of the organisation Motiul Islam Sadi, Former General Secretary Mominur Rashid Sain, General Secretary SM Abu Saeed, Vice President Abdus Sattar, Organizing Secretary Saiful Islam, Treasurer Ferdousur Rahman and Office Secretary Shamim Ahmed were present among others.

Executive Member Mahfuz Mondal, Senior Member Rezaul Haque Babu, Inchan Ali, Abul Kalam Azad, Parveen Luna, Mostafa Mughal, Sanaul Haque Shubo, Ainur Islam, Subrata Kumar Ghosh, Rahatul Alam, Jewel Hasan, Abdus Salam, Iqbal Hussain, SM Siraj , Abdul Majid, Mirza Ahsan Habib Dulal and Shahadat Hossain Shaheen also present.

During the event, thousands of workers and pedestrians women, men and children were made to drink cold sherbet.

President of Journalist Union Bogura Ganesh Das said that in the future also in such humanitarian work and in any crisis of the nation, Journalist Union Bogura will extend its hand of cooperation to the people.

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