Bumper T-Aman paddy production expected in Bogura

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Update : Friday, August 25, 2023

Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) and thousands of T-Aman rice growers of Bogura district are expecting bumper output this current season.

Due to the favourable weather condition and timely supply of necessary agri-input, the sapling of T-Aman paddy is growing well across the region.

Last year its production was satisfactory but the farmers had to sell the rice below the production cost due to its scarcity demand in the markets elsewhere the country.

DAE office source said the farmers had cultivated T-Aman rice on around 0.2 million hectares of land in the district this season against the DAE’s target of over 0.7 million hectares creating hope of additional production of T-Aman paddy.

Drought tolerant rice varieties innovated by BARRI like  Brridhan -56, Brridhan -66, Brridhan-71, Brridhan-75, Brridhan -80, Brridhan -87 and Brridhan -90 are comparatively gain momentum in the region.

While visiting at the field level the correspondent found that most of the farming fields now wore an eye-catching look. The farmers of the region are now passing busy time in nursing of the transplanted plants providing fertilizer and insecticide hoping for good yield.

“I have brought 2 bighas of land under T-Aman paddy farming this season spending Tk 12000 ,” said farmer Amzad Haque under Dupchanchia upazila of the district. He also said “If the market price of newly harvested rice remains between Tk 1000 to 1200, I will make a good profit.

Deputy Director of DAE Md Matlubor Rahman said they have provided all sorts of necessary agri-input to produce bumper output this season.

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