Brahmaputra River eroding at Roumari

Kurigram Correspondent :: 114 Time View :
Update : Wednesday, February 15, 2023

The Brahmaputra River has been eroding in char areas at Roumariupazila in Kurigram district for the last several days devouring a good number of houses, crop lands and trees rendering river side people homeless.

While visiting on the spot and found that the mighty and gulping river Brahmaputra is eroding in char areas continuously. A vast tract of cropland and houses are being eroded here. Consequently, the river side people are becoming landless and homeless and forced them to go to another places with their respective belongings.  No protection measures have been taken yet.

The boatman Emran and Chakku member told this correspondent that the river is eroding here round the year by current and the vast areas of sandy lands are eroding here every day. A good number of plants of paddy are being washed away. The farmers have been faced in a great loss.

However, locals urged to the higher authority concerned to take necessary action as soon as possible.

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