BCL leaders and activists severely beating a journalist of PUST

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Update : Monday, July 24, 2023

The ruling Awami League’s student organisation Bangladesh Chhatra League brutally beat up a university journalist and seriously injured him. Injured journalist Abdullah Al Mamun, a 3rd year student of statistics department and a PUST correspondent of daily Naya Shatabdi, for publishing news in Pabna University of Science and Technology (PUST).He was admitted to the hospital.

The attack took place in cafeteria of PUST on Sunday, led by the former vice president of the University unit BCL, Minhajul Islam Thanhar.

Injured journalist Mamun is undergoing treatment at Pabna General Hospital. The victim journalist, Abdullah Al Mamun, lying in the hospital bed, said that around 2.00pm on Sunday, `I received news that someone has locked up a fellow journalist in the campus cafeteria. When I got the news and went to the cafeteria, first some students said to me, who are you? As soon as I introduced myself, they dragged me inside.Without giving any opportunity to speak, the leaders and activists of BCL started kicking the stomach with punches very mercilessly.

He said that the former organising secretary of the university unit BCL, Minhajul Islam, former vice president Masud Rana, former publicity secretary Ekramul Islam Sagar and general secretary of the Faculty of Business Education department Chhatra League Taufiq Ahmed Hridiya, Jahurul Islam Piyasalong with BCL activist beat him with his team.

When some ordinary students came forward after hearing her screams, they left her and went upstairs to the cafeteria. Later, his colleagues and friends rescued journalist Mamun and admitted him to Pabna General Hospital.

All the attackers are followers of the university BCL president Faridul Islam Babu, said the victim. Ujjal Kumar Biswas, convenor of BCL PUST unit said that Mamun was attacked by BCL leaders because he had recently published news about BCL’s misdeeds and the university.

We demand exemplary punishment for this attack. They intimidate and threaten when the news comes out.They sell and consume drugs in the campus.

Earlier, when the news about drugs was published in the media, they were very angry with us. He also alleged that after this incident Durjoy Karmakar, member secretary of the Journalist Association was taken away by the Chhatra League.First, they took him to the proctor ‘sir’ room and wrote something on the white paper.Since then they have not been able to find Durjoy.

Meanwhile, some journalists of the campus, who did not wish to be named, alleged that Faridul Islam Babu, president of the university unit BCL, and Nurullah, general secretary, got the contract work for the ongoing development project of PUST.When published the report about the irregularities of this project, they obstructed and intimidated them.

They expressed anger that the university authorities played a silent role despite such activities of the Chhatra League.The university administration has pacified the BCL leaders with ongoing development project.As a result, they also complained that the administration did not take any action against them. In this regard, it was not possible to talk to the accused Minhajul Islam on mobile phone despite repeated attempts.

However, the general secretary of the university unit, Nurullah said, “I have come to the village, so the matter is not known.”But they are not with me.When asked about drug buying and selling, this Chhatra League leader admitted the matter.

Faridul Islam Babu, president of the university unit of BCL, said, “I am not aware of any journalist being beaten up.”However, this may happen in the internal conflict of journalists in the university.BCL president also claimed that even though the fringes are involved in politics with me, they are not involved in drugs.

In this regard, the proctor of the universityMd. Kamal Hossain said, Durjoy Kumar, member secretary of the press club, gave me a written complaint.At that time Abdullah Al Mamun came to me and complained of beating him;But I told him to complain in written form.A written complaint will be investigated.There were many people there, including the student advisor, so there was no question of taking sides.Allegations of non-cooperation are false.

In this regard, Pabna University of Science and Technology VC Dr.Hafiza Khatun said, “I do not know anything about this.We have security officers.If you say, they will see.Still I am looking into it.”

Pabna police station officer-in-charge Kripa Sindhu Bala said,` I have been verbally informed about the matter.He also said that they will give a written letter to the police station.However, the journalist is currently undergoing treatment at Pabna General Hospital.

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