Barind field full of rabi cropsin Rajshahi

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Update : Monday, January 17, 2022

Gourangapur is a remote village in Tanore upazila of Rajshahi. About 300 acres of Gourangapur mouza is completely covered with high and low waves. Rabi crops have been cultivated throughout the mouza. Some have cultivated onion, garlic, some wheat, mustard, lentils, gram.

On the other hand, in the fields of the same Upazila Panchnadar UP, Kalma, Taland, Saramjai and Chanduria Union, as far as the eye can see, only potatoes and potatoes. Such a picture of Barishasya is not only in the fields of Tanore Upazila, farmers have cultivated Rabisasya in thousands of fields in the Barind region this season.

Groundwater levels in the Barind region have been falling alarmingly for more than a decade. That is why agriculture is undergoing a major change. Irrigation dependent cultivation including paddy has decreased in Barind region. On the other hand, cultivation of wheat, gram, potato, lentil, onion and other rabi crops has increased.

According to the Rajshahi District Agriculture Extension Office, the amount of cultivable land in the district is one lakh 6 thousand hectares. Last year, rabi crops were cultivated in one lakh 36 thousand 458 hectares of land. This year, 13,000 hectares of rabi crops have been increased and cultivation is being done in one lakh 50 thousand 458 hectares of land.

Last year, potato was planted in 36,325 hectares of land, this year it has increased by 5,000 hectares to 43,471 hectares. Sweet potato has been increased from 289 hectares and is being cultivated in 312 hectares of land this year. Maize is being cultivated in an area of ​​2,046 hectares, increasing from 1,057 hectares.

Besides, various winter vegetables are being cultivated at 12,844 hectares, gram 1,127 hectares, lentils 25,296 hectares, groundnuts 608 hectares, mustard 19,496 hectares, mung beans 15 hectares, khesari pulses 508 hectares, peas 208 hectares and peas. 30 hectares, garlic 3,546 hectares, sugarcane 8,443 hectares.

Tanore Upazila Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer Shamser Ali said the groundwater level in the Barind region, including Tanore, was declining dramatically. Due to various problems in water extraction, farmers are inclined to cultivate less irrigation. On the one hand, water consumption is less in Rabi crop, on the other hand, profit is increasing in Rabi crop.

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