Bangladesh earned that with their performance -PM

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Update : Saturday, July 22, 2023

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said people’s trust and confidence are crucial factors for army and the military in Bangladesh earned that with their performance.  “Trust and confidence are very important for any army. If there is no trust and confidence, independence and sovereignty cannot be protected. Today, I can say that people have their trust and confidence in our army,” she said.

The premier was addressing the opening ceremony of Army Selection Board (First Phase)-2023 at Senakunja in Dhaka Cantonment here. She said Bangladesh Army is a people’s army, which always stands beside the country’s people and plays very effective role during any disaster.
Referring to the engagement of the army with the country’s development activities directly, she said the army is working everywhere from infrastructure development. 
“As the army is implementing many big projects, we are sure that the work will be done quickly ensuring quality,” she added.
Mentioning a quote of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the premier said, “Bangabandhu told the army that our army will be people’s army”.
In this perspective, Sheikh Hasina also hoped that Bangladesh Army would pull the country ahead as people’s army. 
She asked Bangladesh Army Selection Board-2023 to pick qualified and prudent officers for promotion through a neutral evaluation. “You should do it considering professional competence, drawing comparative evaluation in logical and scientific ways,” she said.

“Besides, you need to pay attention to whether the officers have the skills of giving command or the ability of taking quick decisions (in special situations),” she added.  The prime minister expressed hope that the selection board will perform the sacred duty with honesty and proper judgement to pick the qualified officers for promotion.
She added: “Consider their experience in field work and the ability of taking instant decisions and using resources instantly…. We want you to promote the officers for future leadership (in Bangladesh Army) through neutral evaluation.” 
 Describing the Bangladesh Army as the vigilant sentinels of the country’s independence and sovereignty, the head of government said Bangladesh doesn’t want to engage in a war with anyone as it believes in peace. 

“A peaceful environment is a prerequisite for development,” she said. Praising the Bangladesh Army, Sheikh Hasina said the army has been playing a praiseworthy role standing beside the people in any disaster and critical time.  “Our patriotic army always stands by the people of the country,” she said.

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