ASI threatens TTE to ‘blow off head with bullet’

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Update : Thursday, June 2, 2022

A police officer allegedly threatened a TTE with life over an argument at Dhaka-bound intercity Chitra Express train from Khulna on Tuesday.

TTE Abdul Alim Biswas Mithu said that Railway Police assistant sub-inspector Rubel Miah threatened to ‘shoot him and blow off his head’ over an argument while he was on duty at Dhaka-bound intercity Chitra Express train from Khulna on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, they were on duty on Dhaka-bound intercity Chitra Express train from Khulna to Ishwardi in Pabna. Passengers without tickets get into a altercation when they are fined.

Train Director (Guard) ASM Iqbal Mahbub informed the concerned higher authorities of railways about the incident through telegram.

It is learned that the Chitra Express train left Ishwardi Junction railway station for Dhaka on Tuesday afternoon. On arrival at Ullapara in Sirajganj station, TTE Abdul Alim Biswas Mithu, who was on duty on the train, was checking the tickets and giving tickets to the passengers without tickets. He was accompanied by train director Iqbal Mahbub.

At that time, a constable of the railway police asked them, “Why did you come here to check our tickets?” Iqbal asked the policeman to speak calmly. When the quarrel started, Rubel Mia, Assistant Sub-Inspector in charge of GRP police on the train came forward.

TTE Mithu said that, “ASI Rubel Mia behaved arrogantly at that time and at one stage showed handcuffs and threatened to be arrested. At that time he threatened to take out his pistol and shoot. After the train left Ullapara station, these incidents continued till Jamtail station.”

Passengers, guards and attendants of the train were shocked by the suddenness of the incident. After the train left Ullapara station, these incidents continued till Jamtail station.

Then passengers on the train, including guards, I (TTE) and attendants, were shocked by the suddenness of the incident.”

Regarding the allegation, ASI Rubel Mia told reporters, “While checking the tickets on the train, constable Faruque asked the train director Iqbal Mahbub, ‘Why did you come here leaving passengers without tickets?’ During the argument, TTE Mithu came and scolded me, saying that the police were behaving like this because they had not received any money. In this context, I have spoken about being arrested wearing a handcuff. Nothing else happened between us. ‘

Ishwardi railway police Officer-in-Charge (OC) Gopal Kumar Das said, “I heard police and TTE-guards quarreling and abusing each other on the train.” Nothing can be said until they finish their duty and return to Ishwardi. ‘

In this regard, Pakshi Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) Shahidul Islam told journalists, “Our TTE is very responsible and very dutiful. The ASI in charge of the train threatened to shoot him if he tried to fine the seven passengers on the train. “As soon as I came to know about the matter, I asked the SP of our railway police to withdraw the ASI,” he added.

Railway Commercial Officer Nasir Uddin said, “a three-member inquiry committee headed by Railway Assistant Security Officer Abu Hena was formed on Tuesday night and two others members are assistant executive engineer Shipon Ali and an ASP.  The committee has been directed to submit the investigation report within 5 working days.”

Pakshi Railway Superintendent of Police (SP) Sahab Uddin said that   “I have heard the matter. However, there were no fights or clashes. I heard that there was an argument. No written complaint has been received from any party in this regard.

“I heard the matter. But there was no fight. No written complaint was received from any party in this regard. I can tell after knowing the details of the incident.”

‘Earlier, on May 5, Shafiqul Islam, a TTE of Ishwardi in Pabna, was sacked for charging a fare with fines to three passengers without identifying themselves as relatives of the Railway Minister. He was later acquitted in the investigation and rejoined the workplace on May 9.

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