Ariarghat Bridge to ease of travel of thousand people in Bogura

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Update : Thursday, March 9, 2023

The authority concerned hope that the construction of the 298 meter long Drishtinandan Ariarghat Bridge on the Mokamtala-Sonatala via Harikhali Hatsherpur road under the Directorate of Roads and Highway Department Bogura will reduce the long-term suffering of several lakhs of people.

Pedestrians and vehicles used to risk their lives due to the presence of Bailey bridge on this bridge. Small and big accidents almost happened. The area is rich in agriculture and cattle produce abundant food grains in the fields.

But due to the bad condition of the bridge, the farmers of these agricultural areas could never buy and sell their agricultural products in the haat market at the right price, bring any kind of goods including fertilizers and seeds.

Village boys and girls had to risk their lives to study in city schools and colleges. If someone is sick, they have to find an alternative way to take them to the hospital for treatment. It took more time and money.

Farmers were forced to sell their produce at a much lower price than the market price. There was no end to the sorrow of the locals. In this situation, during the current government’s tenure, the Directorate of Roads and Public Ways came forward to construct the bridge.

The farmers and the people of the area hope that the construction of this bridge will ensure easy movement of people, as well as an opportunity to sell the produced crops easily in the city.

The newly constructed bridge is expected to be completed on March 31. Tk 40 crore 95 lakhs will be spent on the construction of the 298 meter long Ariyaghat bridge. Apart from this, the construction work of Khanpara 97 meters, Kalitala 47 meters, Aguni Tai 47 meters long bridge is going on. The construction cost will be Tk 44 crores.

Executive Engineer of Roads and Highway Department Asaduzzamanjanan said “The construction of 3 more bridges on this road including Ariarghat bridge will end the long suffering of the people of some upazilas.”  “It will be a milestone in the economic development and ease of travel of the people of the village with the city.” He added.

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