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Inspector General of Police Dr Benazir Ahmed BPM (Bar) left for Turkey on Saturday to attend the  ’89th Interpol General Assembly. He will lead a five-member delegation to the conference. Read more...
To implement government to people (G to P) service, Electronic Fund Transferring (EFT) will boost a smooth service amid elderly allowance, widow and husband abuse women allowance and disabled people
The first step of success is always troublesome and hard. Let’s take a brief idea of the title here. Hard Work: History gives us many ideas about it and motivates
“The World to Come” is produced by Oscar-winner Casey Affleck, who co-stars as one of the women’s husbands. He re-teamed with Ron Hansen, the author of the novel “The Assassination
Normal activities of all educational institutions, including universities, have been shut down during the Corona epidemic. But Pretam Kumar Das is a very conscientious teacher who is a teacher dedicated
সেদিন জোনাকজ্বলা সন্ধ্যায় ‘অন্য এক তোমায়’ দেখেছিলাম। মুক্তাঝরা হাসিতে বিলীন হয়েছিল আঁধারের নীলিমা, চোখের ফোয়ারায় বিধ্বস্ত হয়েছিল ঝিলের কৃত্রিম ঝর্ণাধারা, আর আলোকরশ্মির বর্ণিল বিচ্ছুরণ। কামনার দৃষ্টিতে ভস্মীভূত হয়েছিল হাজার বছরের