/ Khulna Division
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said the government is developing communication systems across the country as developed communication expedites industrialization as well as boosts trade and business. “We’re reviving rail Read more...
On the occasion of the arrival of the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, preparations are being made for the Jessore Shri Temple at Shyamnagar, Satkhira.  The news of the
The Satkhira District Citizens’ Committee and the District Bar Association have organized a human chain demanding that the DC wall be demolished to open the way for the journey from
Massive Security Measures have been taken by the district administration ahead of the upcoming municipality election will be held on February 28 instant through Electoral Voting Machine (EVM) system. The
The global epidemic Corona, the aggression of unscrupulous traders and the tyranny of middlemen are on the verge of extinction. At one time this industry was number one in Satkhira’s
While inspecting the coastal dam renovation work, State Minister for Water Resources Zahid Farooq said, “Not only the dam needs to be built, but also the trees need to be