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International United Nations Peacekeeping Day was celebrated in Rajshahi on Sunday. The outstanding contribution of peacekeepers from all over the world participating in UN peacekeeping operations is commemorated on this Read more...
Amar Ekushey Book Fair, a festival of life, is being celebrated in Pabna this year as like every year with the theme “Smell of books, Subodh Jaguk Prane”. The Ekushey
He used the app to start trading options in his freshman year of college, and a series of trades resulted in him finding his account was $730,000 in the red,
The family of a college student who killed himself after thinking he’d lost a fortune using Robinhood sued the free trading app Monday. A message left behind by Alex Kearns
Ingenuity has four feet, a box-like body, and four carbon-fiber blades arranged in two rotors spinning in opposite directions. It comes with two cameras, computers, and navigation sensors. It’s also
More than a century after the first powered flight on Earth, NASA intends to prove it’s possible to replicate the feat on another world. Transported aboard the Mars 2020 spacecraft