Mayor of Dhunat Municipality The king fired again

Rafiqul Alam, Dhunat (Bogura) ::

AGM Badshah, mayor of Bogra’s Dhunat municipality, has been permanently expelled from the second round. He was expelled from the party for contesting the mayoral election as a rebel candidate of the Awami League. 

The information was given in a press release signed by Dhunat Upazila Awami League president TIM Nurunnabi Tariq and general secretary Abdul Hai Khokon on Wednesday afternoon. It is learned that the election of Dhunat municipality will be held on January 30. Awami League’s nominated candidate for the post of mayor, Professor TIM Nurunnabi Tariq is contesting for the boat symbol.

But AGM Badshah, former general secretary of Upazila Awami League, is contesting in this election as a rebel candidate. Earlier in 2015, AGM Badshah was elected mayor after contesting the elections as a rebel candidate of the Awami League.

He was then fired from the team. But after the election, the party’s high command announced a general amnesty for the rebel candidates. At that time he got back the membership of Awami League. Abdul Hai Khokon, general secretary of the Upazila Awami League, said party discipline had been breached as he contested the Badshah election by breaking his oath to the president and general secretary of the central Awami League.

For this reason, after the permanent expulsion, the Bangladesh Awami League had no more relations with the king. Besides, he has no chance to do Awami League politics in future. He has been sent a letter of recommendation for permanent expulsion.

In this regard, AGM Badshah said, he has acted as the general secretary of Dhunat Upazila Awami League. He was elected mayor in 2011 as an Awami League nominee. In 2015, he was elected mayor as a rebel candidate. Respecting the love of the citizens, he is also contesting the January 30 elections as an independent candidate.

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