6 months salary getting gram police in Gabtoly

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Hundreds of village police union councils in Gabtali of Bogura, have been living a dehumanized life for six months without getting salary allowance.

In the context of this, when the news was published the next day on January 7/21, in fact, in the eyes of the Upazila Nirbahi Officer, he gave utmost importance. He (UNO) looked into the overall matter and arranged for 6 months salary arrears for humanitarian reasons.

On January 10, Upazila Nirbahi Officer Mosha Raunak Jahan signed a check for Tk 6,750 for the 6-month arrears of 101 village policemen. But the bank account is jointly with UNO and Upazila Engineer. And as the upazila engineer Ripon Kumar Saha was in training till January 13, the village police could not raise their salaries, but today, Thursday, January 14, the relevant sources said.

Talking to Upazila Nirbahi Officer Mosha: Raunak Jahan, he said that the salary allowance of the village police in the Union Parishad part is from 1%, i.e. from documenting in the sub-registry office. But like other offices, the Gabtoli sub-registry office was closed due to Corona.

Moreover, the documents have been less. As a result, it is possible to give them salary allowance after depositing this 1% money in the bank little by little. He (UNO) further said that checks have been signed for the payment of all arrears of salary (July-December / 20) i.e. 6 months salary allowance to the village police for humanitarian reasons.

Talking to Upazila Engineer Ripon Kumar Saha about this, he said, “I could not sign the check as I was in training.” Hopefully, the village police will be able to withdraw their salary allowance on Thursday. Prakash said that 111 village policemen were working in 11 unions of the upazila but at present 101 were on duty due to some retirement and death.

They get salary allowance from half of the government revenue and half from the Union Parishad i.e. 1%. They also officially receive attendance allowance. But even though they got half salary from the government revenue, they were living a dehumanized life for 6 months as they did not get salary allowance from Union Parishad i.e. 1%. Although all of them are village policemen, the salary allowance of one in-charge (dafadar) in each union is 6,200 rupees per month and that of mahalladars is 6,600 rupees.

Gabtali Upazila Village Police Acting President Badsha Mia and General Secretary Shri Ramesh Chandra were overjoyed to hear that the arrears were 6 months salary. They congratulated the administration on behalf of the village police and said,

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