Businessmen hold press conference in Thakurgaon to protest Jamuna Bank fraud

Junaid Kabir, Thakurgaon ::

Thakurgaon Hawladar Himagar Ltd.’s director and prominent businessman Abdus Salam Hawladar has held a press conference alleging that the Jamuna Bank Thakurgaon branch authorities are embezzling his own property worth Rs 100 crore through fake auction.

He made the allegation in a written statement at a press conference at Hawladar Cold Store premises in Jagannathpur of Sadar upazila on Wednesday afternoon. At the same time, he said, in order to start a cold store business, on September 29, 2010, I took a loan from Jamuna Bank Thakurgaon branch under agro-based industrial loan of 1,38.5 per cent land with an estimated value of Tk 100 crore.
I have also received money in several installments. But the bank authorities are currently demanding 19 percent interest instead of 13 percent. In 2014, I repaid about Tk 5 crore of the loan taken out due to various reasons including collapse in potato business and on March 15 last year (2020) I sent another pay-order of Tk 2.5 crore, but the bank authorities did not accept it, the trader claimed.
He said the Jamuna Bank Thakurgaon branch had contacted the authorities several times to seek redressal of the grievances but the bank did not provide any assistance. The division, realizing the seriousness of the case, adjourned the case. Abdus Salam Hawlader complained at the press conference that he was trying hard to seize the property of the businessman by dumping newspapers and showing fake notices.

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