Information of conspiracy case leaked against former mayor of Dupchanchia municipality

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Information has been leaked against former municipal mayor of Dupchanchia municipality Belal Hossain of Bogura for embezzling conspiratorial money of some employees of the municipality.

some employees of Dupchanchia municipality have filed a defamation fund against him with the help of provident fund, gratuity fund and loan installments of Tk. 30006713 brings complaints. He resorted to this propaganda to tarnish his image in the elections and to tarnish his popularity among the people.

At the same time, he lodged complaints with the officials of various departments including the local administration. At one stage, the tax assessor Abdul Majid filed a case of embezzlement in the Bogura Senior Judicial Magistrate’s Court on March 15, 2020. Upazila Nirbahi Officer SM Zakir Hossain investigated the allegations of the employees on the instructions of the Deputy Commissioner.

He also sent reports to various departments, including the deputy commissioner, as the investigation proved the allegation to be false. Meanwhile, Abdul Majid, an employee of the municipality, withdrew the case on September last as no money was embezzled from former mayor Belal Hossain after an investigation by the Upazila Nirbahi Officer.

When the case was withdrawn, he came out of the court that day and took to the streets. Abdul Majid lodged a written complaint in this regard with the Deputy Secretary of the Local Government Branch of Bogura on 12 December 2020. Memorandum signed by the present Mayor Jahangir Alam to the Senior Secretary of the Local Government Department of the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives on 2nd December, 2020.

Despite having money, former mayor Belal Hossain will seek explanation regarding the arrears of salary allowance of the officers and employees of the municipality. Mentioned that the money is in arrears. Mention nothing of embezzlement.

Meanwhile, on 18 September on the instructions of Mayor Jahangir Alam, employee Shahjahan Ali again filed a case against former mayor Belal Hossain and the chief accountant, alleging embezzlement of teachers’ money, including officials and employees. Withdrawal of the case of Abdul Majid, the first plaintiff tax assessor of the same incident.

The report sent to the senior secretary of the current mayor also does not mention any embezzlement. Even after this, the current mayor Jahangir Alam has been harassing former mayor Belal with such false cases by his loyal employees to harass him and tarnish his political and social status. This is causing anger among the common people of the municipal area including the employees of the municipality.

Meanwhile, the report sent to the senior secretary of Mayor Jahangir Alam has inconsistencies in various expenditures. The matter is being investigated and it is necessary to take immediate legal action against the culprits. Municipal Mayor Jahangir Alam was suspended by an order of the local government department.

He later received a stay order from the High Court Division on the issue of suspension and then the Supreme Court’s Chamber Judge’s Court upheld the order of temporary dismissal by the Local Government Department of the said Jahangir Alam.


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