Saiful’s life changed by cultivating colorful fish in Satkhira

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Saiful, who has traveled around the country and abroad for a job but no one has given him a job, Saiful, who is getting money from his family but the family could not pay him due to lack of money, is now giving jobs to unemployed youth. Saiful Islam of Brajbox village in Kalaroa upazila of Satkhira has fulfilled his family’s dream by painting a colorful fish.

Saiful Islam’s life has changed with the cultivation of colorful fish. Besides earning money, it has also brought him acquaintance. Now everyone in Kalaroa of Satkhira knows him as a ‘craftsman of colorful fish’. Saiful now owns Tk 20 lakh by cultivating colorful fish with a capital of only Tk 620. He has planted colorful fish in the pond.

Saiful Islam of Brajbox village in Kalaroa upazila said, “I went to India in 1997 for a job. I worked there as a textile mill helper for 2 years and 6 months. I used to paint my dream by watching the cultivation of colorful fish in the aquarium.

Back in the country, I will also cultivate colorful fish. I returned to the country in 1999. Talking to my family about cultivating colorful fish did not give me the reason for the shortage, but discouraged me by saying that I am crazy, crazy, etc. I went to Mirpur Garments in the capital Dhaka in 2000 to cope with the stress of unemployed life.

While working there, I met a colorful fishmonger named Lincoln. Through him he got acquainted with another colorful fish trader named Tamim. I bought 6 pairs of fish with only 620 rupees and started working. Success did not come at first. Let’s try again later.

This time success came in my hands. I will never forget the joy I got that day when I saw the colorful fish fry in the egg. He also said how many people I have called at one time for a job. Now about two and a half hundred phone calls come every day.

If educated youth start working with their will power instead of hoping for a job, they will become human resources. All you need is initiative and willpower. There is no alternative to hard work if you want to see the dry stars in the sky without looking at when the sun rises and sets.

Saiful Islam said that at one time he used to cultivate colorful fish as a hobby but later he leased the pond with a loan of Tk 50,000 from a private company. I have increased the scope of colorful fish farming from that pond. Today, the capital of 720 rupees is about 20 lakh rupees. At one time, my parents and I used to live in a slum, but now I am happily in a two-story house.

Saiful Islam said, ‘I am a boy from a very poor family. Again not highly educated. I was thinking of doing something exceptional in such a situation. I have been able to come so far today because I have tried to move forward with will power without giving in to poverty.

Saiful Islam said, in 2014 we started to cultivate more colorful fish with the lease of the pond. 20 to 25 species of colorful fish including Milky Koi Carp, Kiching Gorami, Koi Carp, Committee are being produced in his hatchery. This fish is sold in different parts of the country including the capital Dhaka.

Saiful Islam said, ‘At one time all the fish had to be imported from abroad. But now the fish produced in my hatchery is going to different parts of the country to meet the demand of Satkhira. Many of the traders in the capital’s thorn forest, the country’s largest market for colorful fish, take colorful fish from me. ‘

Saiful Islam also mentioned to change the color of the fish in a special way. “I have changed the color to create a fish species called silky,” he said. Looks a lot like lace. That’s why I named it Silky. There is a demand for this fish to change its color. ‘Saiful said,’ At present I am cultivating colorful fish by leasing 16 ponds. Each fish is being sold for a minimum and a maximum of 120 rupees. Around this business, I have started a separate company called ‘Reza Aquarium Fish’ in the name of my eldest son. I was a worker for another at one time. Now 25 workers work under me. ‘

Saiful Islam further said, “It is possible to meet the demand of colorful fish in the country by increasing the production.” If you get a bank loan on easy terms, there is an opportunity to expand this business further. I have taken one lakh 20 thousand rupees from Ahsania Mission to increase my business. With the help of the government, it will be possible to cultivate colorful fish and export it abroad. Many like me will start farming colorful fish then. ‘

He further said that in recognition of his work, he has received awards and honors from various institutions including Fisheries Department and City Bank.

Saipul’s wife Jasmine Sultana said, “I started fish farming with my husband in 2004. Later I expanded fish farming with a loan of Tk 50,000 from a private company. Now the produced fish is going to different parts of the country including the capital Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna. ‘ The country is slowly becoming self-sufficient in this sector.

Ajmal Haque, owner of Nahar Enterprise in Satkhira Sultanpur Bara Bazar, said, “After producing Saiful Islam fish, we don’t have to import much from abroad now.” In addition, its fish is durable, survives a lot of adverse weather. Many unemployed youth and students are now changing their fortunes by producing colorful fish.

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