People reading books at Rezaul Karim’s Library at Boyradighi village  in Bogura

Shajahanpur(Bogura)Correspondent :

To build an ideal society, it takes ideal citizens. So says Rezaul  Karim Reza president of Bangladesh Besorkary Gono Gronthagar Parshad (Bogura Brach)  who had served for four consecutive terms of Bangladesh Union Parishad Secretary (Bogura Branch). To make an ideal citizen, says the 45-year-old, it takes books. With this in mind, in mid-1996 Rezaul Karim Reza founded a public library at Boyradighi  village . To share the biographies of past luminary citizens, he believes, is the path to creating enlightened citizens of the future.

“Since childhood I wanted to do something for the society,” Rezaul explains. “Developing the library has fulfilled my dream.”
Open every day from 2:00 pm to 08:00 pm, the library that Rezaul  named “Sakib Samaj Kallan Pathagar” after his son Md Sakib , is housed in a five-storey foundation stone , 20-by-40-foot building. It’s collection features around 6,000 volumes.

From the literature of Rabindranath Tagore and Kazi Nazrul Islam to song

books of Lalon Shah’s creations; from law books to books on ethical journalism and historic Liberation War, the library’s shelves stock a good topic range. There are religious texts, children’s books, cookery books, scientific works and numerous biographies.

Minara Begum Minara, Secretary of the Parishad (Bogura Branch) said “With something for everyone, it can be no surprise that the library is popular”.”It attracts readers of all ages, both men and women” She added.

“Whenever I get time I go there to read,” said Columnist  Md Mostakim Hossain .“It clears the mind! Every day hundreds of people visit Rezaul’s library.”he added.

“So many people have the chance to read books easily thanks to this library,” remarks Mesbaul Alom, the vice president of Shajahanpur Upazila Press Club“There are many well-to-do people in our society who took no such initiative but Rezaul is not wealthy. Yet he has managed to collect books worth about Tk 5 lakh for the public good. His efforts set an example for us all.”

 As a humanitarian person Rezaul is very  busy. During Covid-19 pandemic  he has distributed  food and face masks among the poor people in his area. He is also  involved in various  social  welfare activities and an active member of Shajahanpur Upazila  Football Team.

“Sports and cultural activities can also encourage young people to participate in the overall welfare of society,” says Rezaul Karim Reza.“But when it comes to a library there is no substitute. People who read gain knowledge. Young people who read are less likely to destroy their lives with drugs. They are less likely to fall into the trap of militancy,terrorism,corruption.

“In the library there are valuable ideas to be discovered, about the state and society,” he continues. “Readers can learn about the past struggles and successes of eminent contributors to public life.

Lablu Mia,Organisating Secretary of Bangladesh Besorkary  Gano Gronthagar Parishad (Rajshahi Division Branch) said
knowledge can improve the quality of today’s society. It promotes peace and happiness.”
Former Librarian Md.Rokonujjaman of Bogura District Govt Public library but now  he has been serving in Joypurhat  said about the definition, the necessity  and the immense role of libraries, he also mentions ” A library can eradicate superstition from society.”
Among otherJihad,Salehin,Niamul,Delwar,Shohan were present in the discussion meeting.

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