NATAB arranged advocacy meeting for Awareness building about Tuberculosis


National Anti-Tuberculosis Association of Bangladesh (NATAB), Bogura district unit arranged an advocacy meeting for building awareness of Tuberculosis at Tonmoy Community Centre of Dattabari area in Bogura town on Wednesday morning.

The Civil Surgeon of Bogura district Dr. Gausul Azim Chowdhury was present in the meeting as the Chief Guest while the Assistant Professor of TMSS Medical and Rafaetullah Community Hospital, Bogura, Dr. Sharifur Rashid Dipu was present as the special guest.


The Representatives of NATAB central committee Ruhul Amin and Kamrul Islam were present in the meeting and the whole meeting was presided over by Rezaul Hasan Ranu, the Secretary of NATAB, Bogura district unit and former president of Bogura Press Club.

Inaugurating speech was given by the secretary of NATAB, Bogura district unit while Ruhul Amin, a filed officer, explained in the activities of NATAB in Bangladesh and specially, in the northern part of Bangladesh.


NATAB Secretary Rezaul Hasan Ranu said that Bangladesh is the 6th most infected country but NATAB has been serving the people and making them conscious from the effect of the disease since 1948, an oldest organisation fighting against Tuberculosis.

Civil Surgeon of Bogura district Dr. Gaosul Azim Chowdhury said that 12 upazila health and family planning offices, 366 community clinics of the district along with some NGOs have been combating against Tuberculosis and have been working to beware the people regarding the seriousness of the disease and free of cost treatment and diagnosis have been given in four Zink-Expert Machine in the district.

Immunity of the people should be enhanced as they have no alternative and to make an enlightened and golden Bangladesh, the people should be free from Tuberculosis and hopefully, he wished to make Bangladesh free from the disease as our motherland got free from Measles, small pox, Polio etc. added the Civil Surgeon.


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