OC of Kahalu Police Station received award of best officer in charge

Kutub Shahab Uddin Babu, Kahalu :

Officer-in-Charge of Kahalu Police Station Md Zia Latiful Islam was honored as the best officer-in-charge at the monthly welfare meeting held at Police Lines Bogura on Thursday.

It is learned that he was given the honorary title for his commendable role in uncovering the secrets of various important cases including murder, effective role in drug control, prevention of theft, robbery, control of law and order and suppression of various criminal activities.

Meanwhile, after Md Zia Latiful Islam joined Kahalu police station, he has become known as a creative man to the people of Kahalu as a result of doing a lot of aesthetic work inside Kahalu police station and police station area, along the wall of the police station.

When he joined Kahalu police station, the police station area was very dilapidated. In addition to doing all the work of the police station with devotion, he has done a lot of artistic work by removing the dilapidated condition of the police station.

He is still doing one fancy job after another to enhance the beauty of the police station. The aesthetic work done by him on his own initiative inside and outside the police station is really eye-catching. At present, if you go around the whole police station area, you will think that it is a small park.

The local people have praised him for his various hobby work in the police station. According to the people of Elka, may be one day he will be transferred from this police station, but still many memories of the touch of Md Zia Latiful Islam will remain here for ages.

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