Preparation for SSC Exam-2021 : English Second Paper

By S M TofazzalHossain,SeniorTeacher,Department of English,NagarJ.M(Degree)Madrasah,Bogura


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Dear friends,

Today I hope that you are practicing the exercises without wasting your time in vain. The items which I am giving you regularly are more important for any examination. As Covid-19 is spreading infection very quickly among a large number of people repeatedly throughout the world, there is no possibility to open educational institution for the shake of your welfare. So I am giving you some more important items of“Right Form of Verbs” with answers so that you can practice them with sitting at home the help of mobile phone easilyalso. Now complete them more and more.


Complete the following text with right forms of the verbs given in the box.


ever find make harm friends
side come need prove pleasure


Books are man’s best (a) —— in life. You many good many good friends but you don’t (b) ——them when you (c) —— them. They may not always (d) —— to with sympathy. One or two may (e) ——false and you much (f) ——. But Books are always ready to be by your (g) ——. Some books will (h) —— you laugh; some others will give you much (i) ——. Again, some books will bring new knowledge and ideas. They are your (j) —— friends throughout your life.


(a) friends; (b) find; (c) need; (d) come ;(e) prove; (f ) harm; (g) side; (h) make; (i) pleasure; (j) ever .


Live vary Can have want
live May spend get is


Happiness (a) ——relative term.A person with a crown (b) —— in palace may not be happy whereas a day labourer may (c) —— happiness (d) —— in a shabby hut. Again happiness (e) —— from person to person. A beggar (f) —— be happy if he (g) —— a coin but a businessman who can (h) —— a huge sum of money a day (i) —— not be happy. Everyone (j) ——to be happy.


(a) is;(b) living ;(c) have;(d) living (e) varies;(f) can; (g) gets ;(h) spend (i) may;  (j)wants.



be call hear engulf know
begin bear follow inspire join


You must have (a) —— the name of KaziNazrulislam.He(b) —— our national poet.He(c)…as rebel poet as well. But (d) ——– in a poor family. But dire needs could not (e) —— his potentially When the First World War. Broke out, he (f) —— the army. After the War, he (g) ——to write poems. He wrote especially for the down-trodden. He (h) —— the Shelley of Bangla literature. His poems and songs (i)—- the Bengaleses in Liberation War. We should (j) —— footprints in our life.


(a) heard;(b) is ;(c) is called;(d) was born;(e)engulf ; (f) joined; (g) began;(h) is;  (i) inspired;  (j)follow.



engage do turn be face
help solve make try  create


At present Bangladesh (a) —— unemployment problem. This problem already (b) —— an alarming dimension. The government (c) —— to cope with the problem. But this problem can not be (d) —— without (e) —— them skilful .Education (f) —— a must. It (g) —— a man to get job. Job does not mean (h) —— official work only. Self-employment is a solution of this problem. It means (i) —— oneself in economic activities .The government is giving  the educated youths financial  help and training with a view to (j) —— them self-reliant


Ans:(a) is facing ;(b) has created ;(c) is trying ;(d) solved ;(e)making ; (f) is; (g) helps ;(h) doing ; (i) engaging ;  (j) turning .



take eat deserve be thrive
cause run know fall do


Everybody (a)——that food adulteration (b)—— a crime. Adulterated food is poisonous and (c)—— fatal diseases. People (d)—— this kind of food and (e)—— a victim to liver diseases, cancer, and kidney failure and so on. Some businessmen who are avaricious and (f)—— after money only (g) —— heinous work. They (h)—— on the miseries of others. They (i)—— punishment. Some strict measures should be (j)—— to stop this abominable practice of the greedy businessman.


Ans:(a) knows ;(b) is;(c) causes ;(d) eat ;(e) fall; (f) run; (g) do;(h) thrive  ; (i) deserve  ;  (j) taken .



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