Vegetable seedling nursery farmers to face over Tk 10m continuous rain in Bogura

Shahjahanpur (Bogura) Correspondent:

A few days of continuous rains in Shahjahanpur Upazila Shahnagar, Bihigram, Barapathar village and surrounding areas, vegetable seedlings in the nursery and the newly formed seedbed have been submerged in half a crore rupees. The affected farmers have lost their way.

It has been reported that after several days of continuous rains, water has accumulated in vegetable seedlings, nurseries and newly constructed seedbeds.

Even then the farmers were trying to protect the land by constructing isles and draining it.

But heavy rains last Thursday afternoon thwarted efforts to protect the nursery.

On the spot, it was seen that Belal Hossain of Shahnagar village had 10 per cent chilli saplings, Aftab Hossain had 25 per cent chilli saplings, Dudu Mia had 15 per cent chilli saplings, Naeem Hossain had 10 per cent chilli saplings, Lal Mia of Durulia village had 12 per cent chilli saplings and chilli saplings.

, 25 per cent chilli saplings of Ratan Miah land of Chopinagar village, 30 per cent chilli saplings of Mamunur Rashid of Bihigram, 25 per cent chilli saplings of Abdul Kafi of Barapathar village have been submerged in rain water. The young seedlings of these nurseries will rot in 2-4 days.

On the other hand, many farmers including Khorshed, Abdul Momin, Zahidul Islam of Shahnagar village have made new seedbeds and sown seeds for seedling production. But as it is submerged in water, the seeds sown in these seedbeds will rot.

The seedlings will not germinate. As a result of rotting of nursery seedlings and seedbed seeds, the concerned farmers have suffered extreme losses.

Amjad Hossain, president of the Shahnagar Vegetable Seedling Nursery Owners’ Association, said vegetable seedling nursery owners, like other professionals, have been affected by the corona epidemic.

The affected farmers have lost their way as the nursery and seedbed have been submerged due to heavy rains. If the government subsidized, these affected farmers could turn around again.

Shahjahanpur Upazila Agriculture Officer Noor Alam said a report has already been prepared and sent to the department on the damage to submerged vegetable seedlings, nurseries, seedbeds and other crops. If government allocation is available for the victims, it will be handed over to the farmers.

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