Alleged encroachment of govt land for construction of shelter project house in Sherpur 

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Update :: Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Local influential land grabbers have been accused of encroaching government Khas Khatiya land allocated for constructing  houses among the landless and homeless during Mujib Year under Sherpur upazila of Bogura district while they vandalized and trampled the signboard with pictures of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman &  Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.
The incident took place at Kanupur village of Garidah Model Union on Sunday (07 August) at 10 o’clock and Saturday (06 August) night.A sign board was also hung on that land to divert the incident and It is written there, there is a case pending in the court about the land.
On the other hand, along with the occupation of government places, there has been intense anger among the upazila and union Awami League leaders and activists at the incident of insulting Bangabandhu & Prime Minister of Bangladesh.They also demanded “Those who are involved in the incident are arrested and brought under the law as soon as possible and exemplary punishment should be given  against them.Otherwise, Awam League leaders and activists will not stay at home, a warning has been given of the mater.
However, immediately after the incident, an operation was conducted under the leadership of Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) Sabrina Sharmin.The  organized land grabbers managed to escape at that time, but one person was arrested.His name is Zahirul Islam Maruf. He is the son of Mahfuzar Rahman of Kanupur village of the upazila.
According to the complaint, there is 26(Twenty Six) decimal government land of Kanupur Mauza of Kanupur village of Garidah union of the upazila. On the occasion of MujibYear last year and a half ago, allocation was given by the Upazila Land Office to construct houses for the poor landless and homeless through the shelter project.
Accordingly, the owner of the land  is to be Bogura District Commissioner and a signboard has been put up saying proposed to construct of  the landless and homeless people. Another signboard was put up by the Upazila Parishad with the pictures of Bangabandhu &  Prime Minister next time  about various developmental activities of the government.

But on Saturday (August 6) night, Mahfuzar Rahman of the same village went there with his people to take possession of that land and also vandalized the signboard installed by Sherpur upazila administration. Breaking the signboards with photos of Bangabandhu and  Prime Minister, they trampled them on the ground.

The next day, Sunday at 10 o’clock, when the labourers of the shelter project went to dig the foundation of the house, land grabbers blocked it.Besides, they fenced with GI wire around the place. Later on getting information about this incident, the Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) drove a raid there with the force and arrested the man named Maruf and took him to Sherpur Police  Station.

When asked about the matter, Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) Sabrina Sharmin admitted the truth of the incident and said,  “The land is under government special register. So the upazila administration has been instructed to build houses for the landless.
But when labourers come in order to construct houses, the people of Mahfuzar  creat obstacles. Even the signboards installed there have been vandalized.” ” I went to the spot on the instructions of the Upazila Executive  Officer (UNO).Apprehending on sensing our presence, all fled, but one person was arrested.Legal action will be taken against him on the orders of senior sirs.” she added.
Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) Md. Moinul Islam said to the reporters in this regard
” There is no opportunity to prevent the construction of shelter project houses in government designated areas. Besides, Mahfuzar Rahman and his men vandalized the signboards with photos of Bangabandhu and the Prime Minister.”
“The  process of taking legal action against those who are involved with the incident is going on.” he claimed.
However, when asked about the statement, the accused Mahfuzar Rahman said, “We have been occupying the place for a long time. However, if the place is claimed by the government, we file a case in court. The case is pending. However, there is no opportunity to build a shelter project house in the disputed area.
Even then, the government officials did not stop me.  But the people of my village rival came to that place and were preparing to cut the trees planted by us. So he admitted that he had prevented it.”  “However, We did not vandalise the pictures of Bangabandhu & Prime minister” he denied.
 Meanwhile, upazila Awami League general secretary Sultan Mahmud strongly condemned and protested the incident and said,  We did not accept the insult of Bangabandhu and the Prime Minister at  any cost.”
“Exemplary punishment should be ensured by immediate arrest of those involved in the incident.Otherwise strict program will be given.” he warned.
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