Painkiller tablets taken alternative drug of Yaba

Rafiqul Alam, Dhunat (Bogura):

The demand for various types of illicit painkillers as an alternative to drugs has greatly increased under Dhunat Upazila in Bogura.

These low-cost tablets have become more popular with drug addicts as the price of yaba-heroin-phencyclidine has risen due to police anti-drug activities. Drug addicts are inclined to take various painkillers for free sale in pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription.

It is known that there is no demand for all types of painkillers as an alternative to drugs. Several pharmaceutical companies market pills in the name of painkillers. Taking these drugs satisfies the pain as well as the need for sleep and intoxication. It secretly promotes drug stores through marketing officers of drug companies. Different companies have released painkillers under different names.

The demand for these tablets is much higher at night than during the day. So every evening, the number of drug addicts in the drug stores increases. They are buying and consuming freely banned painkillers from drug stores. The government banned these painkillers on July 10 this year. Even then, some unscrupulous drug dealers are secretly selling these tablets to drug addicts in the hope of making more profit.

Several users who came to buy painkillers said that the administration’s strict action has created a crisis in the market for all types of drugs, including yaba tablets. The price is also very high. So I am taking Tapenta, Lopenta, Pentadol and Cinta as alternatives to Yaba. Of these, only Lopenta has the taste of Hubahu heroin. All other tablets are as intoxicating as yaba. A type of feeling is found with the use of painkillers as soon as the sleep is good.

On condition of anonymity, the owner of several drug stores said that painkillers have become very popular among drug addicts. 70-75% of drug addicts are now addicted to painkillers. Although the retail price of these tablets is 25-30 rupees due to high demand, at present they are being sold in the market at Tk 100-150 per pitch tablet.

Officer-in-Charge of Dhunat Police Station  (OC) Kripa Sindhu Bala said the operation against all types of drugs has been continued. Legal action must be taken if any information is found about the use of prohibited painkillers as an alternative to drugs.

Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Sanjay Kumar Mahanta said the crackdown on pharmacies selling banned painkillers in the market was continuing. If any banned painkiller tablet is found in any store, action will be taken as per the rules.

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