Private clinic & diagnostic centers going on in the name of service

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More than a dozen private clinics and diagnostic centers have sprung up under Dupchanchia upazila in Bogura for a long time. In all these private clinics and diagnostic centers, the corona virus epidemic is being traded in the name of service.

Clinic or hospital is the name of the institution that people think is a beacon of hope in the midst of life and death. Apart from the government hospitals of the country, many reputed private hospitals have also been established.

The state-of-the-art medical facilities of private hospitals are quite expensive. It is not possible for everyone to bear this cost. A handful of people in the society who do not lack money, finances and abundance usually seek refuge in these hospitals.

The country’s government hospitals are the only hope for the majority of the country’s middle class, lower middle class and poor people under Dupchanchia Upazila, like other parts of the country, has about two dozen private hospitals and diagnostic centers, despite having 50-bed hospitals.

These are Medin Care Clinic adjacent to Dupchanchia Thana Bus Stand, Dupchanchia Nursing Home, Sharmin Clinic and Oishi Diagnostic Center, Arif Clinic and Lovely Diagnostic Center adjacent to Mail Bus Stand, Green Clinic, Modern Diagnostic Center, Diagnostic Center, Zaida Clinic, Ananya Diagnostic and General Hospital, Swarna Clinic on Dhaphat Road, Janata Diagnostic Center at Mau-Plaza adjacent to CO Office Bus Stand, Modern Hospital at Chairman Market, Central Clinic at Jobeda Complex Diagnostic Center, Zenith Hospital, Achma General Hospital and Diagnostic Center, Municipal Raw Market Adjacent Neo-Jagran Diabetes Hospital, Tisigari Area Adjacent Supreme Digital Diagnostic and Hospital, Diagnar at Salma Clinic and Diagnon at Begragram.

Center, Talora Health Center, all these clinics were visited on Saturday and it was seen that signboards of various experienced and qualified specialist doctors are hanging in front of the clinics. Signboards in the name of the same doctor are being decorated in almost all clinics and hospitals.

No MBBS doctor or even an assistant doctor was seen in the hospitals. Talking to the nurses and brothers working in the hospital, no one could give the correct answer when asked about the position of the doctors. However, according to government regulations, it is mandatory to have an MBBS doctor in hospitals and diagnostic centers.

At the initial stage, the Dhaka DG’s office had a doctor at the time of application for the approval of these private clinics and diagnostic centers, and the investigation committee from the District Civil Surgeon’s Office went to the clinic on the spot and said there were MBBS doctors.

At the same time, the necessary structure, advanced equipment and trained nurses are ensured. Despite not revealing his name, one or two managers of the clinic said that there are no MBBS doctors in most of the clinics and diagnostic centers in the upazila.

If doctors need to call them on their mobiles, those doctors leave government work and rush to the clinics in private cars. After completing the treatment or operation of the prescribed patient, he returned to his workplace in the district town or any upazila with a large sum of money.

According to the research, most of the nurses working in these clinics and hospitals and diagnostic centers have no training. However, in the absence of the MBBS doctor, they are the only hope for the patients who are undergoing treatment in the hospital.

Again, most of these private hospitals and diagnostic centers in the upazila do not have clearance from the Department of Environment. These institutions have been running without clearance for years. Despite repeated notices from the Department of Environment, there has been no response from these organizations.

But all these private clinics and diagnostic centers are grabbing huge amount of money in the name of medical services and diagnosis by putting up signboards. With the rent of state-of-the-art two-storey houses in the upazila, the owners of these clinics and diagnostics are carrying on the business freely in the name of providing medical services to the common man with the help of corona virus.

The present government is in a dilemma due to widespread irregularities and corruption in the health sector. He has taken various measures to eradicate the scourge of corruption from the highest level to the lowest level. He has taken steps to ensure the basic human rights and medical services by keeping the highest budget in the field of health.

In the same way, in these private clinics and diagnostic centers, which have developed like a frog’s umbrella in the name of medical treatment in the upazila, trade is going on in the name of service, but no one seems to see it. When contacted by Dupchanchia Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Dr Abdul Quddus Mandal on Saturday, he said he would visit private clinics and diagnostic centers in the upazila on Sunday.

At the same time, he said, there are about 24 private clinics and diagnostic centers in the upazila. 7 of them have online registration. A few more have also applied online for registration. He did not come from Dhaka for unknown reasons.

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