Dope test compulsory for admission in Honors in Bogura govt Azizul Haque College

Update :: Friday, September 10, 2021

Dope test has been made compulsory for the first year honors students of Bogura Government Azizul Haque College. Hundreds of students are rushing to the diagnostic centers to get admission in about four and a half thousand seats.

However, as Tk 900 to 2500 has been spent, there has been anger among the poor parents. They have requested the authorities to reverse the decision.

According to college sources, a dope test was made mandatory for university and college admissions at a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Law and Order in Dhaka on June 2. In view of this, the Department of Secondary and Higher Education on August 29 issued letters to the heads of all government and private schools and colleges in the country and to the education officials at the field level. This letter has not reached many organizations.

Meanwhile, honorees at the government-run Azizul Haque College are flocking to the city’s government and private diagnostic centers for dope tests. Bogra Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Medical College Hospital charges Tk 950, government Mohammad Ali Hospital charges Tk 900 and private diagnostic centers charge Tk 1,000 to Tk 2,500 for dope tests. However, due to short admission time, many are forced to go to private diagnostic centers at high cost.

Even after going there, they have to stand in line for a long time to give blood and urine. There is anger and frustration among poor parents over having to spend extra money. Many expressed their frustration on the phone to journalists.

Saiful Islam, Rabiul Alam, Ananya Tabachum and other students who came to Mohammad Ali Hospital for dope test complained that dope test is not being done in other colleges. But dope test is compulsory in Azizul Haque College.

Principal of the government Azizul Haque College Shahjahan Ali said the students are being dope tested due to the government decision. He added that they are not the only ones; Honors students are being admitted in many colleges of the country after undergoing dope tests.

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