Mosques opened from time of Fajr prayers in Saudi Arab

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After being closed for almost three months, 1560 mosques in the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia are finally reopening. The mosques will be opened from the time of Fajr prayers today.

However, strict hygiene rules must be adhered to by those concerned. The mosques have been disinfected before opening. Independent organizations have also been appointed for cleaning work.

Jamaat and Jumu’ah have been closed in these mosques since March 16. However, the country has not yet decided on the haram of Hajj and mosques. Gulf News.

According to the Saudi government’s Ministry of Islamic Affairs, mosques in Mecca have been reopened, but conditions have been set for worshipers. As a condition, every worshiper has to bring Jainamaz with him.

Physical distance must also be maintained in performing prayers. The carpets of the mosques have been marked to determine the distance at which the worshipers will stand and perform the prayers. Sick, elderly and children are not allowed in the mosque for the time being

The curfew imposed by the Saudi government against the coronavirus is being lifted from today. However, curfews will remain in place in Mecca and Jeddah. Mosques in other cities opened in May, but not in Mecca.

This time, however, the mosques of Makkah are being opened conditionally from the day of lifting the nationwide curfew. Although other mosques in the country, including the Nawabi Mosque, were opened on May 31, they were closed in the Makkah region.

However, no specific announcement has been made yet about the Masjid Haram. The idea is that ordinary people in the Masjid Haram will have to wait a few more days to get permission to pray.

Saudi Arabia, meanwhile, has said it will reopen mosques in Mecca, but has not made the decision. The idea is that the country could allow Hajj for worshipers from countries where the incidence of corona has decreased.

However, the time for Hajj and stay in Saudi Arabia will be reduced. Only those living in Saudi Arabia will have the opportunity to perform Hajj. In that case, the formality of Hajj will start from Mina and it will be completed within five days.

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