Gaibandha DC adjudged the best DC in Rangpur Division

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Update :: Monday, June 14, 2021

Deputy Commissioner(DC) and also District Magistrate Abdul Matinwas adjudged the best DC among the deputy Commissioners of Rangpur Division and received the Integrity Award-2021 as the best DC.

Gaibandha Deputy Commissioner(DC) Abdul Matin has won the Integrity Award-2021 as the best deputy commissioner among the deputy commissioners of Rangpur Division. This recognition was given in an order signed by the Rangpur Divisional Commissioner Mr. Md. Abdul WahabBhuiyanon 31.05.2021. In Rangpur division, Deputy commissioner are given the highest standards in various indicators of purity per year. This year Abdul Matin received the award.

Note that the deputy commissioner Abdul Matin has been playing an important role in public welfare since joining the Gaibandhadistrict. He also ensured 100% transparency in the appointment of various posts in his office.

The transfer and posting of officials and employees has ensured 100% accuracy in alleviating the sufferings of the people in revenue administration and land management. Coordination with different departments to bring dynamism in all development activities, to maintain overall law and order situation, to carry out all activities in accordance with laws and regulations, to take immediate action by identifying problems in the development of the people of the district  regular visits to every remote area conduct regular public hearings to resolve the crisis, ensure balanced cash assistance and food assistance to people of different walks of life who have become helpless during the coronation period.

Not only that, the deputy commissioner had played an important role in the overall development of the club, circuit house, various government departments, various institutions, BIAM schools and the infrastructure of many institutionsin the district.

Above all, he has been working with the theme “Public Administration in Public Services” sincerely for the implementation of this motto. In addition, he has achieved this award and departmental excellence by ensuring purity in his career.

This award has made not only him but also Gaibandha district and its people proud. This award has gained praise in the minds of the people.

It may be mentioned that this officer of the 21st batch of BCS administration cadre has already been awarded as the best UpazilaNirbahi Officer(UNO) while working in GopalganjUpazilaOF Gopalganj district and also as the Best additional deputy commissioner (Revenue) of Chittagong Division for his outstanding work during his tenure.

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